What is Reseller Hosting | You Should Know How Does it Work?

What is Reseller Hosting | You Should Know How Does it Work?
What is Reseller Hosting | You Should Know How Does it Work?

What is Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is now a very popular word in the world of web hosting. While reseller hosting, you are allotted a certain space of hard drive and a certain bandwidth. Using these you will be allowed to host several websites. Which may be owned by you or may even host these websites on behalf of any third party.

The reseller does the work of purchasing the services of the host in a wholesale manner. And then takes the responsibility of selling them to the customers.


A hosting company is rented by the reseller. Later, in the long term, a reseller might even get the opportunity of permission of selling a portion of bandwidth and disk space to some preferred customers. He might not even have to rent the server from the hosting company.

Important Information Of Reseller Hosting

A distinctive web reseller might usually be a firm for web designing, or a developer for web or an integrator for systems. Who also gives an add-on service of web hosting along with it. The most fascinating fact about this is that reseller hosting is an inexpensive way to start your vibrant career.

These days several reseller hosting companies have made reseller plans. In which resellers are allowed to plan their service plans on their own and along with that. There are facility of choosing various fee structure according to their capabilities.

These days, the resellers are even allowed to customize their control panels and own servers. Using which the resellers will be able to establish their brandings themselves.

Another very important fact that candidates aspiring to go in the hosting field must know that to take up the job of reseller hosting. The requirement of extensive knowledge about all the technical as well as the infrastructural aspects of web hosting is not there. A reseller just has the responsibility of interfacing of the customer base.

But, if any kind of problems regarding the hardware, connectivity problem or software problem comes to the surface. They are directly advanced to the service provider who have sold the reseller plan. Frequently the maintenance of the infrastructure of the network and hardware is done by the data centre and the owner secures. Updates and configures the server.

Reseller Business:

But, a very important part of the reseller business is making advertisements to attract and approach the customers. Major hosts charge a very few dollars per month. As we have already said before that hosting is a business of low-margin. This fact is also very important that the resellers have to devote a large amount of money.

To advertise so that people come to know about them. Besides beginners in this also will have to face a great competition with the competitors who are already well established. Despite this, the craze for web hosting will never diminish because of the reason that every website. Whether small or big, needs hosting. Thus, web hosting reseller has nowadays grown to be one of the biggest businesses which have started online.

Now, knowing all these, it is not surprising that you may aspire to open your own business of reseller hosting. But, for that you will probably need a guideline to follow. In this article we also provide you with the steps which you will have to go through to open up your own business:


If you consider yourself not very familiar with the words like web hosting, domain services, email management. And a few other technical terms related to this field. Take time to browse once and know the concept behind these. You may also need to know web designing, coding as well as transitioning. So that you will be able to manage your job efficiently.

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Similar to starting any other business, web hosting reseller business also requires effort, starting capital, a high ability computer for supporting your business, an internet connection. And other useful material you will consider required for your job.

Decide your budget and the amount of customers which you would probably be able to grow in the upcoming three years.

Another very important thing required is a very good web host. This is the most important step in web hosting reseller business. There are a lot of good web hosting providers like HostGator, BlueHost. You can get HostGator coupon for reseller hosting to save your money.

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