What is Freelancing | And Why You Should Join The Freelancing

What is Freelancing | And Why You Should Join The Freelancing
What is Freelancing | And Why You Should Join The Freelancing

What is Freelancing | Freelance Definition A to Z

“A Freelance worker or Freelancing is a self-employed person that can work from anywhere and not committed to a particular long-term Employee. Ref-wiki


The Freelance workers can be categories into two types, one is Independent, and a group of Freelancers named as an organization or Agency. Independent Freelancers can find their clients on Freelancer websites. The Agencies found their customers either on the online platform or by contacting other companies to sell their Freelance workers.

If you want to check out the Online Freelance platform, here is the list of Top 10 freelancing websites-

Top 10 Websites for Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most affordable ways of working at your Home. Nearly every Business or Startup requires some Services that can be provided by Freelancers. So it can be an opportunity to work as a Freelancer because at this time worldwide three businesses are started every second or about 11,000 businesses per hour.
The types of Work for Freelancers vary from one to another as by their expertise. Some of them working as Web developer, Graphic designer, Writers, sales and marketing, social media marketing, and a vast category are available.
According to the Freelancer Union, about 35% of the workforce have a Freelance career in the United States. The United States has around 55 million Freelancers, and on the second number, India has around 15 million Freelancers.
Freelancing is flexible and having more freedom. You can set your own time works as your choice full-time or part-time. You can set your own prices as your requirement on the basis of Expertise, which is often higher than what you make in the traditional job of the same work.

Does it really beneficial to Join the Freelancing?

If this question asked of me, then my answer is that It is up to you. What types of benefits you want from it.
For Regular Jobbers, It has many advantages but also has drawbacks which are not comparable to Benefits.
As a working Freelancer, You have full control to make your own hours of work, your own price for clients’ work. Further, you can choose your own place wherever you want to work.
After a survey by the Freelancer Union, Nearly 77% of Freelancers said that they make the same or even more money than they were earning before start the Freelance. So it can be an opportunity to start as a Freelancer because it is a growing day today.

If you are currently doing a job, you can try Freelancing in parallel with your main Job and see the benefits of being a Freelancer. You can decide after seeing the benefits whether you want to do full-time or part-time. Who knows that one day you will like it more than your Job.

So let’s see some Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Freelancer-

Advantages of being a Freelancer:

The benefits of being a freelancer are more than enough for you to join Freelancing.

  • You have more Freedom: You have more Freedom than ever you have in Traditional Jobs. You can work from anywhere you want, work as you want isn’t that enough to Join Freelancing.
  • Being your own Boss: Yeah, you heard right as I say, You can become your own Boss. If you find on Google why most people are left their Jobs. Then you got the answer that around 75% of people are left their job because of their Bosses.
  • Work what you Love: You have to do those jobs that you love. Your expertizes are your greatest strength in the Freelancing world. You have to gain experience in any work to make money quickly by Freelancing


  • Working from Home: If you want to work from Home, then Freelancing is for you and can enjoy your life at your Home. This possibility has happened only by the Internet which can create a working environment anywhere.
  • Earn a big Bucks: Freelancers can earn money quickly and even frequently than regular employees but also can earn more than a regular employee.
  • Starting is Easy: You can start right now on the spot, Find your first client in your network like friends or on Linkedin. You can make your own website and better portfolio to get faster clients.
  • Affordable: Starting with Freelancing doesn’t cost you anything more because whatever you want to deliver, You already have the equipment. If you want to offer to design, then you have already design-related software. Want to provide a website, you have already web development-related software.

Disadvantages of being a Freelancer:


where the good’s, there are also have some bad’s. Here are some disadvantages of being Freelance, you can consider before becoming a Freelancer.

  • Trouble in finding work: Many Freelancers face difficult at the starting because it’s hard to find your first job and to get a regular job. If you want to get job regular, you have to work hard, and complete clients work as soon as possible to make a better work portfolio.
  • Starting payout may be Low: Today’s the world of Freelancing is growing very fastly and have the experienced Freelancer with more than ten years. So in the mob of experienced Freelancers, you might have some difficulty to find a price worthy work and clients are also doesn’t want to pay more for a new freelancer.

How to get started with Freelancing?

Getting started with freelancing is easy as pressing a switch of an electric board which connects a bulb to electricity to glow out. Like the switch, Starts as Freelancer and connect with your first client and start earning with Freelancing.
You can find your first client in your sphere of networking to get the first bucks from your freelance career. Here the steps to start a career in Freelancing:
  • Decide what you want to Offer: Make a list of your skills by which you can provide a product or service. Like other familiar Freelancers as a web developer, social media marketer, Graphic designer, content writer and more.
  • Find your target or clients: Find the needs of others related to those skills. When you find out the needs spread out those potential skills in your network circle or list out on some Freelancing websites. Define your specialization into uniqueness to get more clients.
  • Create an online portfolio: Create a portfolio with all offer what you want to deliver. Make a profile on Linkedin which is primarily a social media tool for professionals. You can get your clients with the help of Linkedin. You can also consider making a website for your offers which have more customisable than Linkedin.
  • Set your own prices and reach out to clients: Set your prices by which you can earn for your time work as well as for the living. Find more customers using your social network. Consider using some of Freelance website which is very helpful in getting you your clients like freelancer or UpWork and many of them on Online.


Freelancing has become more popular day today and also have some advantages over long-term employment. Here in this article, I discuss what is Freelancing, what is the benefits and drawbacks of Freelancing and How to get started as a Freelancer. So if you want to become your own Boss start a career as a Freelancer.

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