Striking Blog Post | How To Write A Best Striking Blog Post?

Striking Blog Post | How To Write A Best Striking Blog Post?
Striking Blog Post | How To Write A Best Striking Blog Post?

In this Article hope you will to get a pure satisfaction about write striking blog post, So Lets Start

“Don’t write if you don’t have anything to write about or if you don’t have enough time!!! You do mistake if you write to refresh your blog content, not your blog visitors”. These are the wordings of Stone Johnson who was presiding an IT conference at Ankara, Turkey.

I was also invited as a guest there. I liked his lecture about natural blog content, although the lecture lacked several other points which I thought to have been mentioned. During the same conference, I decided to write the very same article which you are reading right now, indeed inspired from the tips given by Stone Johnson.

Write Striking Blog Post

Lazy blog posts are a term that I often use in my articles. A blog article must be great enough to catch the readership. Last year a friend of mine was searching for a niche to start a blog. The thing which I know about him is, doubtlessly he is a good writer. After a week of struggle, he selected a topic that I didn’t like that much. Because it was a rare topic, not a hot topic. He had selected that topic thinking that it is very little or almost no competition for the niche he has selected. I responded positively because he had already made his mind.


Domain name for a blog and post title for a blog post are very similar to each other. A domain name describes a blog in a single word or two. Similarly, a post title explains the whole post in a nutshell. I think I am a little slipped from my topic, our topic here is a blog post, not the domain name, anyhow we will proceed with our own topic.

So how can we write a great, striking, hot whatever the name you want to give blog post?.

In your every blog post you need to make sure two things. You are satisfying your blog readers and the search engine robots. We will discuss both of them separately. So let’s start with the first part.

Get readership satisfaction

There are few question which we need to ask ourselves before actually go for composing a post.

1.Is my topic a competitive one? a most wanted one I should say.

2. Do I have a topic in which I am interested in?

3. Do I have enough knowledge(about the topic) to make contrasts and comparisons if needed?

Yes, the topic is a red hot one, yes I am really interested in, yet I have enough knowledge to discuss the topic. If you positively answer your questions, it is the time to start writing your post. Why a hot and most wanted topic matters allot? A hot and most wanted topic must be your first priority in choosing a subject for your blog post. Let me answer the question in some reasonable way.

A competitive topic means something which is highly needed over the web, something which is searched a thousand times more than a non-competitive one. It means that a crowd of readers is already waiting for what you are going to write. Most of the time we mistake the word “unique post” with a “totally different post”. Uniqueness is something which you will create. The way you discuss a topic, the proper sequencing of events inside, comparison and contrast if necessary, proper reasoning and clear answers. These are the things which make your post unique.

Write great Striking Blog Post

Get to the second answer_yes I am really interested in. I don’t like poetry that much. My bad luck is one of my first cousins is a poet. To be honestIdon’t like poetry because of my own cousin. Whenever he writes something, he runs to narrate from head to tail. Not only that, he doesn’t leave me until he explains each and every stanza. One day he told me something which accidentally is the subject of this paragraph.

Let me highlight what he said. He said “you can’t write a poem on something you are not interested in“. This is what I want to explain here. When you write or speak on something you are interested in, people clearly feel that your tone is solid and natural. And this is very important to tie your readers with your articles or whatever you write. Let me close this paragraph with a special sentence. If you yourself are not interested in what you are writing, you really can’t expect others to be interested in.

Jump to the third answer_yes I have enough knowledge to discuss the topic.

When it comes to discussing something, indeed your interest is necessary but knowledge makes the real difference. I am a student of mechanical engineering at Cokorva University Turkey. Our mathematics teacher is a lady. She is very interested in teaching but most of the students use Facebook on their mobile phones during her lecture. The reason behind is, She doesn’t really know what she is supposed to know as being a university lecturer.

If you don’t have something to give, you must not participate in the charity show until you get something. Writing something for someone to read means they impart of knowledge. A little knowledge is not always enough to be considered and honoured. Thus our conclusion from this whole discussion is, to enable a blog post to get access to the mainstream readership, we need to select a subject of general interest in which we ourselves are interested and of course know allot about it.

Satisfy the search engine robots

At this stage, you have selected a topic for your Striking Blog Post. In this section, we will discuss the different tips which will enable your post to propagate through the millions of similar Niches. This section is a quite easy one and only depends on your knowledge about SEO. A lot of discussion is really not necessary here, I will rather prefer to put those necessary tips in the form of points below.

  • Try to create some matchings between your Striking Blog Post title and domain name(this is in fact not possible all the time).
  • Use a main word or some words from your post title in the beginning paragraphs of your article(a few times).
  • If necessary don’t miss the chance to link one or few of your other articles with the current one. Proper interlinking of your pages enables robots to explore much of your content.
  • If You find a chance, put some reasonable images in your post. But don’t use too many images. When you use too many images readers will feel that you are describing the images. Let the images describe your stance.
  • Don’t forget to put alt attribution to every image you insert. This is a must-do step.
  • For search description, just copy and paste your title. Your post title is the best description of your post.
  • Finally use permalink option on the right side of your post editor to do some magic for you. I have already written about the proper usage of the permalink option. It is unreasonable to write again, find it here.

That’s all guys, it’s 3:15 am here and I need to sleep. If you like few things in this article don’t ignore to mention in comments, Plus if you have something to share, put it right here I love to read brand new stuff.
Good luck for your next blog post!!

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