Social Media Shares Tricks | 5 Best Ways to Get More Traffic

Social Media Shares Tricks | 5 Best Ways to Get More Traffic
Social Media Shares Tricks | 5 Best Ways to Get More Traffic

Get More Social Media Shares and Social Media Traffic:

Social Media has impacted blogosphere the most. There are many blogs running solely on the social media traffic and making a lot of bucks just from this traffic. In this article, you will get pro tips about Social media shares technique and how to increase social media traffic. So please read the full article.

The potential of Social Media traffic is endless as there are more than whooping 1 Billion Users of Social Media worldwide. That’s not all, nowadays Social Media shares like Google +1s, Retweets also contribute to the Search Engine Ranking. So Social Media is one field you just can’t ignore if you own a blog.

While everyone’s using Social Media to promote their blog. There are only a few who are doing it correctly and making the most of the traffic.


There’s a competition in Social Media Shares too but some simple ways can increase substantial social media shares and make your blog go viral with social media traffic.

The shocking part is that Social Media has almost eliminated SEO. The results have been shocking when comparing Social Media Shares with Link Building. The Google +1’s can get a blog post on the top of the ranking and make a post go viral without any backlinks pointing to it.

It clearly symbolizes that Google is giving much more importance to the social media shares than back-links .

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5 Ways to Get More Social Media Shares

Get a Fanpage

This is the most basic point but isn’t followed by most users. Some of the bloggers believe they don’t need a fan page but it is a must. As you go on building the fan page, you will be able to interact and cover a large number of audience.

Fanpage will help you add a large base of fans and share your links to a larger audience every time.

Go for Popup on Website/Blog

Many bloggers are following this simple way and the outcome is more than 300%. Put an exit or entry popup on the blog with Fan Page Like Button. It is the best way to increase the likes of Fan Page and hence, the number of Social Media shares.

People are way too lazy to check out the sidebars and like the fan page. So why not get them to like fan page by bringing in them a popup?

Interesting Post Description

Even though you wrote a meta description for the blog post, while sharing keep in mind to make it interesting so the users are attracted to click it and share it. A really simple trick that works is “The Question Trick”.

Give a little information about the post and end the description with an interesting question and you’re social media shares will go high.

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Build Relationship :

It is rightly said that Life’s a give and take the relationship. If you want your posts to go viral and get more social media shares, build a relationship with fellow bloggers and share their interesting posts too. For That, They will also be doing the same and you get more shares on your post.

Another part of building a relationship is helping a reader of the blog and in lieu asking for sharing the post. If he really like to give back something. Asking means like a one kind of gesture.

A strong relationship can be built with the readers when you’re into guest posting or article writing. There are lots of writers and blogger building links on other blogs. And article directories web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Ukritic there is an option of adding Facebook and Twitter console.

Don’t miss out on such options and encourage the readers to like the fan-page and follow you on twitter.

Don’t irritate the Readers

How can a don’t get more Social Media Shares? Well, it can. Once, you’re up on a good fanbase, don’t irritate them by just posting your daily published posts link. Interact with them by asking questions, giving some facts and posting niche-related pictures.

Funny Tech pictures get shared a lot. And can get a tech blog’s fan page a lot of shares and likes. Just keep your Readers happy and they will surely share your links.

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