Social Media SEO | Facebook-vs-Twitter-vs-LinkedIn Best 3 For Your Website

Social Media SEO | Facebook-vs-Twitter-vs-LinkedIn Best 3 For Your Website
Social Media SEO | Facebook-vs-Twitter-vs-LinkedIn Best 3 For Your Website

Social Media SEO | Facebook | Twitter | Linkdin

Now it’s time to get the Social Media SEO all in place and performing just as well. But which will you use—Facebook or Twitter? What about LinkedIn?

So you’ve got your website complete it’s professionally designed. And built to convert like no other. A rock-solid organic SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is in place. And starting to drive tons of quality traffic to your site. You’ve also been using PPC (pay per click) advertising to fill in some of the traffic gaps by drawing visitors in through tight niches that surround your site. In other words, you’re doing everything right for your website. Congrats!

Well, it’s a good question and the answer kind of depends on how much effort you want to put into social networking. And what kind of effort you want to contribute. Let’s take a look

Facebook (Social Media SEO)


Pretty much the de-facto standard here, Facebook is an essential part of any website’s traffic and visitor strategy these days. Why? Well, for beginners, pretty much everyone is using Facebook these days. Some website owners and bloggers report that as much as 50% of their traffic to their site now originates with Facebook. Instead of the search engines, that’s a figure that’s hard to argue with.

There’s more good news to share about Facebook at the current time. Purchasing advertising within Facebook to drive even more visitors to your Facebook Page and then to your website is still incredibly reasonable in pricing. Plus, you can target your ads to display for very specific demographics of your choosing. If there’s one place you should invest your effort with social media, creating a rock-solid Facebook Page is it.

Twitter (Social Media SEO)


Twitter is a great social media SEO resource for target audiences that tend to be a little bit more tech-savvy. In other words, your parents probably aren’t using Twitter, but professionals in the 25-40 group most likely are. Using Twitter to interact with potential clients and visitors to your website is easy to do those who actively participate in the community there can easily create a respectable presence. Bottom line here? If Twitter makes sense to you, you should be using it actively to promote your business and website.

LinkedIn (Social Media SEO)


LinkedIn is also an important player in the social networking arena. It’s geared mostly towards professionals and those that choose to network with each other. In other words, it’s not necessarily conducive to building your brand or sending visitors to your website right out of the box. But this doesn’t mean that some folks haven’t found smart, creative ways to put it to use. Again, LinkedIn excels as a way to professionally network with other professionals. But when it comes to sending traffic to your website, It’s probably best to give the majority of your attention to Facebook and Twitter.

In the end, it’s up to you. If you don’t have the time or resources to work on any of the social media options. It’s probably best to just stick with a very simple Facebook Page profile just as minimal coverage. Beyond that, the social media platforms each have a unique area of benefit that becomes apparent when you commit to seriously working it.

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