SEO Copywriting Covering The Basics 3 Tips

SEO Copywriting Covering The Basics 3 Tips
SEO Copywriting Covering The Basics 3 Tips

SEO Copywriting: Writers would say that the first step to writing is to write what you know. There can be no simpler advice than this. Covering the ground of something that you are already familiar with is a safe premise when one is going to start writing. However, SEO writing requires more stringent technical rules and a little bit more skill. SEO Writers usually make articles that they do not have full knowledge of so it takes a lot of research to be able to make a professional article.


Covering the basics of SEO copywriting we reach the following:

1. Title

Forget what you learned in high school about misleading titles being edgy and witty and effective. Unless you’re writing for a magazine, the title should always contain the keywords. You have to strip the news item bare and present in two or three words what your article is all about. It has been proven time and time again that search engines love keywords placed on titles as it gives the viewer the assurance that he is clicking what he’s looking for. Though this is not the driving force of SEO Copywriting, it will help a lot.

2. Subheadings

Subheadings are really useful in redirecting the gaze of your readers and breaking their concentration into paragraphs. This will allow them to stick with your article for the entirety of it. The attention span of a reader breaks easily especially if you’ve got a chunk of paragraph going. Subheaders are also a good introduction for the next minor topic at hand. This area is also good for reiterating the keywords found in your title.

3. Related Text

Surround your keywords with related text. This not only creates a “pulled-together appeal” but it also looks good when your site comes up in people’s inquiries. There is no official statement that shows the direct relation of the context to the keyword when it comes to the search engine’s algorithm but taking the audience into consideration, using alternative words or synonyms will help keep their attention to what you’re saying and it would feel less of an SEO copy which is how it should be in the first place.

Lastly, write as if you’re not writing an SEO copy. If you’re fully conscious of the keywords and the keyword placement, chances are you wouldn’t be creating an article that is fit for the consumption of a general reader. Consciously stuffing keywords in a forced context looks bad and it wouldn’t get you the follow-through that you want. SEO Copywriting is just one of the many methods of search engine optimization; you have to pair this with other methods to get the results you want.


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