SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (Google, Bing, yahoo) | Perfect SEO

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (Google, Bing, yahoo) | Perfect SEO
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (Google, Bing, yahoo) | Perfect SEO


Getting ranked in search engines like Google Bing Yahoo can be an extremely difficult task. So you have to need search engine optimization, One thing is certain, SEO = free traffic = free money.
There are ways to improve your web pages ranking in search engines and get No 1 spot in Google Bing Yahoo thing about it for a while To see your web page ranked in the hotspots of google it’s like a dream come true.

Search-engine-optimization | SEO

Here are the most powerful tactics for search engine optimization:

  • At first, To search engine optimization, You Have to Create or improve the content to be friendly and interesting to visitors and accessible by search engines like Google
  • Keywords in title and other characteristics of a page and its components (ALT, rel, title, etc.)
  • Keywords in links from other websites towards a particular website.
  • The keyword that appears in the text of the website.
  • The popularity of a website as measured by the classification algorithms (eg PageRank of Google).
  • To search engine optimization, One of the important elements that should be included on the website to help in better ranking in the search engines is the link (relevancy) between the title, description, keywords and the content of each page.
  • The key role played by the title of each page. It should include as many of the keywords you have specified, but the title is good to remain less than a dozen words. Search engines pay special attention to the labels h1 and h2.

The use of keywords for Search Engine Optimization:

For the search engine optimization, The use of keywords is vital for labelling a website from search engines. If the site contains more than one page, the keywords should appear at all. A key factor, too, is the keywords to include as many times as possible in the trunk of the main page of text (body text). This is because of most search engines “look” and the main text. If you encounter a keyword in the text, just ignore it.

Should be given special attention but is not “excessive repetition” (flood) of keywords as search engines may consider it undesirable (“keyword spam”). Just create your text, it is necessary to see how many keywords you put in your article. Google accepts the frequency of the same words about

Use Picture

Some of those ‘In’ websites believe that the page is attractive with pictures. This applies to visitors on the page, but not for the search engines, which are unable to identify images. Yet, there are image search engines on the Internet. How to identify images? The answer is again keywords for each of the images posted on the website.

Programs circulating on the Internet (usually for a fee) and companies that undertake to help identify the 500 or 1000 “top” keywords and send it by email to users. They also give and guidelines for optimization, many times for free.

Use Meta Label

The controversial point, however, remains the meta-labels (META tags). Not finding exactly what counted by search engines, however, the recommendation of experts is to be completed all fields correctly meta-labels for keywords and meta description (Meta-description).

To get good results you need to do a thorough check of our main competitors and a search on the keywords tools as I discuss below. When not done serious work on the subject, often fails SEO and also we always end up in a vicious circle in which “try keywords – not seeing results.”

We must recognize that there are many more factors that may contribute negatively or positively to our efforts. Among the most important is the speed of page loading. if a page takes more than 8 seconds to load (normally always) then there are very high chances of the unhappy visitor and to close. Of course, there are also great chances that resentment leads to your page and not to revisit. Search engines do not appreciate all the “slow pages.”

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