Bounce rate | 8 Powerful Working Tips to Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce rate

Bounce rate | 8 Powerful Working Tips to Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce rate
Bounce rate | 8 Powerful Working Tips to Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce rate

Before talking about reducing bounce rate, do you know what is bounce rate and why we should pay attention to it? I’m gonna explain about it simply in few lines for new bloggers.

Bounce rate is one of the most popular words used in blogging and internet marketing industries. In simple lines, Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors. Who entered into a site and going back or leaving the site without browsing other pages in the same site. Example: A user entered into your website from Google or any other source, after entering he clicked on the back button rather than continuing browsing your site. So you should keep an eye on your bounce rate, If your blog getting high bounce rate? it means your blog is not reader-friendly and most of your visitors are not liking it.

Why to pay attention?

How to reduce it?


1. The first thing you need to change is the quality of your blog articles, people only leave your blog if your blog content is not informative or not clear. If they get what they need in your site? then definitely they’ll don’t go back. So make sure your blog has got everything which your targeted audience wants.

2. Make your articles simple and clear, give priority to quality instead of quantity. Some type of people may not like to spend time reading very lengthy articles. And hence quality matters more than quantity.

3. Make use of media like videos, slide shows, images to write high informative posts.

Do Internal Linking Another Option To Reduce Bounce Rate

4. Do internal linking, it helps a lot. Do it wisely instead of using plugins like SmartSEOLinks. Widgets like recent posts, related posts will help your readers to find more content in your blog. While writing articles, create links to related or recommended posts.

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5. Nobody likes to waste their time in a slowly working website, so blog loading speed also matters. Delete unusable plugins, remove waste widgets, optimize images to make your blog posts load fast. Not only for reducing bounce rate, blog speed is one of the factors of Reducing Bounce Rate.

6. Don’t make your visitors feel like they are browsing a classified site. I noticed many blogs serving ads in 6 slots with different ad networks. As Google Adsense rules, it is better to use 3 ad slots only and stick to one ad network only. Your visitors don’t like to continue viewing your site if you irritate them with so many ads. It will also make your site load slow. And visitors with slow internet may just close your site due to the things not getting loaded properly.

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7. Blog design matters a lot, fast loading + responsive + clean + beautiful theme is required to reduce the bounce rate.

8. Proper navigation is essential, use breadcrumbs or menus to do this. Without proper navigation, visitors will get confused and it leads to going back or leaving from your site.

Reducing a blog’s bounce rate is not a little task, and you shouldn’t expect an instant result. You should spend some time in your blog making changes according to your readers taste.

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