Promoting your Blog 6 Tips to Increase Regular Reader

Promoting your Blog 6 Tips to Increase Regular Reader
Promoting your Blog 6 Tips to Increase Regular Reader

Promoting your Blog, Bothers every Professional blogger. In today’s world blogging is just not a platform to share your knowledge. It has grown tremendously and became a profitable business. And every blogger wants to increase their blog visitors, which is the main motto behind promoting a blog.

The common concern for any blogger is, How to Attract a Lot of visitors and most importantly How to keep them on the Blog, there are several proven methods of promoting a blog via Email subscription to RSS Feed or through a lot of articles, which turn a visitor into a loyal and regular reader.

By the combination of these two, article and subscription box will significantly increase the number of RSS-subscribers within a relatively short period of time.

Promoting your Blog Tips to Increase Regular Reader


1. Make an RSS subscription button and place it where it is visible, preferred to be on top of the sidebar. Offer a full RSS-feed. RSS is becoming an increasingly popular way to read blogs and stay up to date with the latest news. Offering a full RSS-channel, and continuously publishing new posts, you’ll notice how the number of regular readers of the blog will increase. You might need to sacrifice the number of visitors to your blog, but if members like this or that piece of news, they are willing to visit your site and leave your comments.

2. To Promoting your blog Finish each post with these “magical” sentence: “If you like this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS-feed”. This will greatly increase the number of RSS-subscribers. Of course, this phrase can change a bit, but our mission to increase the visibility of subscription will increase and readers will get the reminder to subscribe.

3. Install plugin to link your content from each other, or insert a link manually while writing a post. What happens after the reader finishes reading the post either he leaves the website or comment, or he browses for another article. Interlinking your content helps in increasing the number of articles viewed by visitors. Install the plugin to link articles about the topic (Related Posts Plugin). It Will Be Helped You To promote your blog.

4. Asking a question from your readers (also this is a great way to show that you care about their opinion). After every post asks some questions and let the readers get a chance to answer it. Or you can take a survey to find out useful information for your blog such as “What would you like to see more in this blog”? Answers to these questions will help to improve the content of the blog and attract new readers. As well it will be promoting your blog.

5. promoting your blog You Should be available Alltime. Very useful to encourage readers to contact you if they have questions, comments, suggestions. They need help, or they just want to chat. You can even use the plugin “Comment Relish” to send letters containing contact information. A new visitor, leave a comment on your blog.

6. Run contests. Contest is always a great way to thank your readers to promote your blog and bring it to a higher level.

Using these and other methods of promoting your blog Such as choosing a domain name, which is easy to remember, talking about your blog, you will be able to attract new visitors and increase the number of regular readers by two or three.

The lifeblood of a website is what we call readers, traffic, or visitors. They have to engage in the website anyway. Here are 6 tips about promoting your blog that I hope you will find very useful. Please don’t forget to comment if you benefit a little.

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