EXMAX 2.4GHz Wireless Audio Tour Guide System with Headset Mic Ear-hook Bluetooth Receiver for Church,Teaching,Translation,Conference,Seminars,Hajj,Auditorium,Travel(2 Transmitters 200 Receivers)


EXMAX 2.4GHz Wireless Audio Tour Guide System with Headset Mic Ear-hook Bluetooth Receiver for Church,Teaching,Translation,Conference,Seminars,Hajj,Auditorium,Travel(2 Transmitters 200 Receivers)

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Product Description


EXMAX EXD-6824 2.4G Hands-free Wireless Audio Voice Transmission Tour Guide System

Enjoy your travel with EXMAX wireless tour guide system, the tour guide can speak comfortably without shouting or distracting others nearby. Meanwhile, visitors enjoy a better experience—no more confusion or straining to understand.With our lightweight audio guide systems, you can count on crisp, clear sound performance. Overcome noise and distance issues and make sure your message is heard. Popular uses for:factory field trip, a tour guide, an exhibit guide, industrial site field trip, sermon interpretation, work-study programs, international conferences, translation guide, school audio visual laboratory, events for communities, family restaurants,Sale presentations,trade show, corporation event, any group setting…etc.

The ways of channel setting:

Firstly turn on the transmitter,keep pressing both button 3 and button 1 at the same time until the channel icon on the screen changes from “M” to “ID”,then release both button 3 and button 1, now the transmitter has entered the channel setting mode(Now you can see the right-most digit of the channel number is flashing),then you can click the button 3 or button 1 to change the channel digit:The channel number can be changed from 0001 to 9999,click the button 1 to choose the location of the digit that you want to change(every click will move from right to left,and it can repeat the move) ,the digit you choose will flash;And then you can click the button 3 to change the digit on the location you chose(it can be changed from 0 to 9).After you have set the channel digit,keep pressing button 2 for about 3 seconds until the four-digit channel starts flashing,then release the button 2,now the transmitter has entered the wireless channel matching mode,now you can put the receivers(the receivers have been turned on) closed to the transmitter(within 1 meter),and the receivers’ channel  will automatically match the transmitter’s channel,and the receivers’ flashing blue light will turn to stable blue light,now the channel matching is finished.Then you can click the transmitter’s button 2 to quit the channel matching mode,now the transmitter is back to normal working mode,if speaks into the microphone of transmitter,the receivers can hear it.

Use two transmitters at the same time in one team

This product allows two transmitters to work at the same time or take turns to work in one team(That means that it allows two persons to speak at the same time or take turns to speak,and all the listeners with receivers can hear).If you need to use two transmitters in one team,when you turn on the transmitters,you have to turn on one transmitter first,and then turn on the other one after the first one is turned on,don’t turn on both of them at the same time.( The first letter is “M”  on the display screen of the transmitter turned on first,and the first letter is “S”  on the display screen of the transmitter turned on secondly).If the first letter is “M”  on the display screen of both transmitters,please turn off one of the transmitters and then turn it on again,otherwise you can hear only one of the transmitters’ voice.

channels settingchannels setting

Key Features

Set channels for all receiver simultaneously!

As long as turning transmitter to channel setting mode, receiver(should turn on) which are close to transmitter (within 1 meter) will match the transmitter’s channel automatically.

One click to turn off all connected receivers!

Keep pressing the button 1 for 5 seconds,until the LCD display is flashing,transmitter could wireless turn off all matched receivers.(Note: Now you can click any button of the transmitter to quit or keep pressing the “M”button to turn off.

One click to make all receiver mute!

Under the working condition, click the button 3 to make the transmitter mute(the antenna icon flashes), click the button 3 again to be out of mute(the antenna icon flashes stop slashing, back to working mode).

Advantage Features

9999 channels id

9999 channels id

free-hands tour guide system

free-hands tour guide system

AUX port

AUX port

2.4G Frequency

– A set of the wireless transmitter can deliver the information to all receiver wearers;Support two transmitters talking simultaneously in same group,and the receiver quantity is unlimited.

– 2.4GHz frequency,it can be used licence-free all over the world.And it uses the frequency hopping to avoid the WIFI interference.Ear-hook receiver with crystal-clear sound,use in quiet to high-noise environments.

– 9999 channel ID up to hundreds of groups in same space and unlimited participants.Lightweight & hands-free audio voice transmission system,host overlapping tour groups without cross-talk.

Long working hours

– Up to 100 Meters/328 ft Communication range at open area;Completely wireless transmitter only weight 0.15lb/70g and ear-hook receiver only weight 0.04lb/18g.

– Transmitter has built-in 900mAh lithium rechargeable battery which could be used for 25 hours after 6 hours full charger by charge case and receiver built-in 380mAh lithium battery for 23 hours.

– EXMAX EXD-6824 system is ideal for use as a portable simultaneous interpretation system. As the systems are completely wireless, no installation is necessary and they can be set-up within minutes of arriving at a venue.

Audio Support

– Transmitter provide a 1/8-inch (3.5-mm) AUX audio input that allows you to use your headset with an external audio source, such as a portable MP3 or audio device( AUX wire,non provide ).

– The AUX external sound source port is located at the bottom end of the transmitter.And the Mic input at the right side of transmitter,insert the Lapel microphone or headset microphone to talk is allow.

– EXD-6824 system enables up to two transmitters for tour guide to operate on the same channel in one group;When tour guide  use the main transmitter to speak,the deputy transmitter could send background music to receivers.

Varied Applications

communication group

communication group

language interpretation

language interpretation

simultaneous translate

simultaneous translate

Simultaneous interpretation for a church

– Each interpreter has a headband microphone connected to transmitter (each set to a unique channel). Each interpreter listens to the preacher (floor language) and whispers the translated message.

– For each member of the congregation to hear the translated message in their language, they simply wear a ear-hook receiver and select the appropriate channel. They can then adjust their volume to a comfortable level without disturbing others.

– As each interpreter can whisper into their headband microphone, interpreter’s booths are not necessary.

Wireless tour guide system for a factory tour

– The two tour guides have headband microphones connected to the transmitters (two transmitter set to the same channel).Two tour guides could speaking simultaneously in same group allowing them to take turns at regular intervals to reduce fatigue.

– Each member of the tour simply wear ear-hook receiver and (set to the same channel as the presenter’s transmitters). They can hear the voice from two active mic-transmitter at a time.

– In this scenario, all the participants benefit from the system, as the presenters don’t have to shout to compete with ambient noise, and the tour group can adjust their own volume to a comfortable level. As the system is completely wireless, the tour group is free to walk around the entire facility, indoors and outdoors.

Simultaneous interpretation for an international conference

– The presenter has lapel microphones connected to the transmitters (set to the unique channel).

– The each country interpreters listens to the presenters by ear-hook receiver (set to the same channel as the presenter’s transmitters). Then interpreters translates the presenter’s messages into their country language with active mic-transmitter(each country’s interpreter set transmitter to a different channel,e.g. France interpreter set transmitter channel ID to 05,English interpreter set channel ID to 08,and so on).

– Each member of the country simply wear ear-hook receiver and selects opposite channel of your interpreter’s transmitter.

– In this scenario, all the participants benefit from the system,as each interpreter can whisper into their headband microphone, interpreter’s booths are not necessary.

Real digital signal transmission,One transmitter can work with hundreds of receivers in same group.Longer distance with high confidentiality,stronger anti-interference ability, stable and clear audio quality widely used for church,simultaneous interpretation,seminars,exhibitions,art galleries and other learning activities, special job training.The transmitter has MIC input for microphone and supports mono channel external AUX audio input like MP3 or Smart phone.
Small and light to carry,each little device comes with its own charger;Small size;0.15lb weight for the transmitter with 0.04lb for each receiver;convenience for a listener to hang on the ear.The channel of all the receivers can be adjusted together by transmitter.The transmitter has mute function.If the interpreter sometimes does not want the audience to hear his speech, he can press the mute button and the audience will not hear his speech.
NOTE before Buying: Please DON’T buy many or large quantity sets/units one time if you never operated this system before or don’t know what it is for . Strongly advise customers just to buy one set/unit to test this system and completely understand its functions and know its advantages and disadvantages.
If you like it after testing, you could buy many sets/units one time. Once a customer bought many sets/units of this system but immediately request returning right after he received the package due to he didn’t like it and he realized that it’s not what he want. This raised too much costs and waste to the transaction, your kind understanding would be highly appreciated.


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