Custom Domain | 5+ Positive Reasons Why You Should Need a Custom Domain

Custom Domain | 5+ Positive Reasons Why You Should Need a Custom Domain
Custom Domain | 5+ Positive Reasons Why You Should Need a Custom Domain

Blogger and a few other platforms provide us with a chance to create free blogs and without any special restrictions. But if you are determined to become a successful blogger, and spending a portion of your precious time in blogging. I must advise you to register your Custom domain as soon as possible.

It is quite clear that you can’t proceed with a free domain throughout your blogging career. You are actually waiting for some reasonable time to register your Custom domain. But Nowadays almost every individual who has access to the Internet seems interested in creating a free blog.

Keeping the same thing in mind I decided to write this brief article in order to further clarify this topic. Avoiding any further complexities let’s summarize this discussion in a more schematic way through comparison.

5+ Causes Why You Require a Custom Domain

Why need-custom-domain

Benefits of a custom domain:

Professional Impression: A custom domain is the best unique name for your blog, it leaves a professional impression on blog visitors. Users can easily memorize your Custom domain hence increases the chances of potential visitors.

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Trust Worthy Blog: Blogs with registered domain names are trustworthy. So Visitors can use your blog without any fear of spamming. Building the trust of your blog visitors must be your first priority as everything is ultimately related to blog traffic.

Search Engine Priority: Search engines in fact prefer the registered domains while crawling. In spite of having quality content, your blog may be ignored due to the unregistered domain name. Blog traffic is increased by almost 30% with a registered Custom domain.

Google Services:

Free blog restricts you from attaining instant exposure over the web. On the other hand, Google offers its best services to registered domains. With a custom domain, you can create your blog based emails like in my case. You can not create any subdomain for a free blog, sub-domains may be compulsory if you have a diversity of blog content.

Google AdSense: Google AdSense is almost allergic to free blogs. One out of a hindered free blogs may qualify for AdSense due to any other outstanding features.

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Some Advertising Companies Do Not Accept Free Domains: Some highly reputed advertising companies like BuySellads do not accept blogs with a subdomain. This may be a considerable loss for your blog revenue.

Domains Are Cheap To Buy: You do not need to invest an appreciable amount of money to buy a Custom Domain. A domain with .com suffix will cost just 7 to 10 $/year.

Prefer a Domain With .com Extension: If you are intended to choose a Custom domain name. Try to catch a domain with a .com extension. .com is the top reputed and preferred extension over the web.

If you have been blogging with a free domain and established good traffic. First get authentic information before registering your Custom domain, as you are going to change your URL. Changing your blog URL may affect your traffic.


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