Micro Niche Site Making Pro Tips | Earn Up to $200/Month Easy

Micro Niche Site Making Pro Tips | Earn Up to 0/Month Easy
Micro Niche Site Making Pro Tips | Earn Up to 0/Month Easy

How To Make $200 From Micro Niche Site

If you want to make money on shortcuts way, you must work on the topic Micro Niche. Here You get Micro Niche Site Making Pro Tips. If you want to be known in the online world as a name or brand, That is one of the better option.


Nowadays people start working online with little ideas. How to make money easily without any capital. Really easy to start blogging. So People are thinking it can be easy to earn money. But this is not true, but it is not that you have to spend the day and night to earn money too. It is possible to make money by following the right methods. Maybe it’s more or maybe it’s less.

Before starting any business in the current competitive world, you must take some unique approach that is different from anything else. And that will help move your business up, encouraged to survive the competition.

In the online world, you are sure that you will find at least a minimum competition for any single subject you like. To succeed online, you need to have a subject. That’s called NICHE in online language. You have to choose it. What is niche already discussed? Suppose I compared Niche to a tree. The tree again has lots of branches. If you choose one of these branches, you choose a small part of a Niche which called Micro Niche.

Working with Micro Niche Site you can find way to income in the short run,  and as you can use it for long-term income. Today, I will discuss with you some shortcuts way about that will be helping you to earn money like as any Successful Online giants.

Below I will share with you the complete blueprint of a Micro Niche blog:

Micro Niche site or Blog:

If you have a website or blog that is built on Micro Niche, that’s will help you to make money from online. From the Micro Niche blog, you can easily earn $ 100- $ 180 dollars from Adsense and at least $ 100- $ 150 dollars from affiliate marketing. However, if Google annually brings new rules, your income may be lower or higher.


We know A unique content is the life of a blog. If you hire someone for content writing or buy it from an Article company, this is temporary. Writing content on a regular basis is essential for blogging. If you do not do it yourself, how many days can you run or drive from others? So you have to choose a micro-niche whose content you can customize yourself. If you love to write and spend 40-50 hours together with the Micro Niche site, hopefully, you will get in the way of a very good income source.

The following are the topics that need to be discussed for good income:

  • Select Micro Niche and Domain.
  • Keyword Research & Content Planning.
  • Micro Niche Blog or Website Setting.
  • Backlink Building and Promotion.
  • Website Mantonization

Why You Should Like to Start Micro Niche Site?

Due to the different algorithms of Google, Micro Niche sites can be ranked faster than other mixed sites. If you have a high-quality site on a Micro Niche, it is just a matter of time for you to place the first page of a search engine from another site due to the specific content. It takes a lot of effort and time to build the site in the first phase but it will not take long for generate income. As a result of hard work, you just have to keep track of how much is everyday income.

1. Select Micro Niche and Domain:

“Suppose you like a Niche “Technology”. One of this Niches, Micro Niche is Mobile Phone. Then> Android> Apk. If Apk is your Micro Niche, then you have to create a high-demand website on which Apk people usually use it. It is just for an example. Not that you have to work with this topic. Pick it as yourself.”

You have to pick a Micro Niche With consideration CPC, Popularity, Search Rate, and select Long Tail keywords.

  1. Home automation
  2. Wall decoration
  3. Peak performance
  4. Video editing hardware
  5. Health and Beauty
  6. Yoga
  7. Air Purifier
  8. Vpn
  9. Productivity
  10. Fitness
  11. Android Apk
  12. Animal and Pets—-etc

2. Keyword Research & Content Planning:


You can use Google Keyword Planner, or the SEMrush tool for keyword research. SEMrush is a very popular software for keyword research. When searching on the Micro Niche keyword, SEMrush will show a list of the top sites that have an Already ranking on your topic. Make a list of the keywords you want to use. Take time to pick keywords. Giving some time can bring good results in the future.

When it comes to content planning, select topics that are in long demand. Design your blog like Wikipedia or another information-rich site. Choose keywords that make it easy for traffic to visit your site. Create content structure in such a way that Google Adsense can easily show ads to your content.

Select the keywords using the SEMrush tool as I mentioned earlier. And choose 20/25 keywords for your topic. At the beginning Post minimum of 4/5 Articles daily. After a few months post 1/2 article on a daily basis that is sufficient. Write the Articles in a way that works for the next 2/3 years.

Finally, wait to see your high-quality content takes your blog to the ranking stage. If you can’t write quality content, you can consult someone. Or follow the guide.

3. Blog or Micro Niche site Setting.

All you need to do to set up a Micro Nice Site or blog is (A) Domain, (B) Hosting, (C) SEO Friendly Theme. You must buy the best hosting to do a good blog. Use best hosting companies which have everything good. Especially in the case of speed, it is important to focus. You can use Blogger’s free hosting, but you have to buy a top-level domain such as .com, .net, .org, etc. You can’t profit from using Blogger’s Sub-Domain (yoursite .blogspot.com).

It’s important to buy good quality hosting if you want to blog on WordPress. Use good quality SEO plugging for SEO after setting up Domain and Hosting. Plugging will help you write your content SEO friendly so that your topic can easily and quickly rank on the search engine.

SEO Friendly Theme or Amp Theme is very important for ranking your site. Whatever theme you choose in Blogger Or WordPress, those things are obviously needed.

Look into the points that are important to content writing (Especially For Blogger): 

  • On-Page SEO
  • Image SEO
  • Meta Tag
  • SEO friendly Permalink
  • Keyword Density

Another important thing is that your site should be submitted to search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, etc. Pages like Contact us, About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Sitemap etc. must be added to the blog.

4. Backlink Building and Promotion: Most Important For Micro Niche Site

You can’t imaging how much a website increase up in the rankings for the because of Backlink Buildings. So Create a Backlink in Web 2.0. If you have a channel on Youtube that’s good. Share on Youtube Share your Article on Social Media. There is no alternative to sharing social media for organic traffic.

You can do digital marketing to bring traffic to your site. Create a page on Facebook and share your posts according to the name of your Micro Niche site. If you wish, you can spend a little money on promoting that will drive your site’s organic traffic and generate your income. Competition for the Micro Niche site will continue to grow, so it is important for you to create high-quality Backlink.

5. Micro Niche site Mantonization:

So If you just create a Micro Niche site based on Adsense, your income may be lower. You can use affiliate products. If your Adsense is not Approval then you can use media.net  for the alternative of Adsense.


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Though, you can invest all together $160 in order to build a Micro Niche site. But later on, your income way will be opened for your lifetime.

If my article finally helps you a little, don’t forget to share it. Your share may benefit others. Thank you

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