How To Make Post Titles SEO Friendly

Post titles act as agents for blogs in drawing traffic from search engines. They must be highly SEO friendly so that they could easily get access to the first page in the google search engine. If your blog doesn’t appear on the first page you lose 60% of the traffic. So how to make a post title search engine friendly? Here is a simple trick which indirectly converts your post title into a search engine-friendly phrase. This method in fact works as a filter, it produces a highly targeted phrase by removing extra garbage from the post title.

How To Make Post Titles SEO Friendly


Let’s say my post title is “How to make post titles SEO friendly”. What I need to do is to shorten the title into some search engine friendly format without changing what I exactly want to say. I can’t directly shorten my title otherwise it will lose its message. For this purpose, I use the permalink button right at the sidebar of my post editor in blogger.
After I click the button it gives me two options. Automatic permalink and custom permalink. Using custom permalink I will write my post title as follows:

“SEO friendly post titles”

There is a clear difference between these two phrases regarding search engine friendliness. Search engines love short but complete phrases. What I did is, I placed the highly targeted words, the original aim of my post “SEO friendly” at the beginning of the search term. In fact, the phrase in permalink will now become a part of my post link. This was the trick guys, Try this method, see the results and share with other fellow bloggers.

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