Link Building | 8 Easy Link Building Techniques That Still Work

Link Building  | 8 Easy Link Building Techniques That Still Work
Link Building  | 8 Easy Link Building Techniques That Still Work

Link building is an important topic for a new blogger. Link building acts as a factor for ranking a site or article. When a beginner starts blogging with high hopes if his site fails to earn for ranking. Then his mindset shifted away from blogging. I hope you find many Pro: tips on my blog. Which will inspire you to blogging?

So now I am sharing with you 8 tips for link building.


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Link Building Technique 1- (Writing Quality Guest Blog Posts)

Few blog owners will turn down an expertly written article (written by you) that is provided to them for free with no strings attached other than leaving your link in the signature. The key is custom writing a quality article for them – just as you would for your own site..

Link Building Technique 2- (Interviews)

Reach out to the people connected with other websites and ask them for interviews if they’re experts on a certain subject matter. This is a win-win, because you’ll get to use the interview notes for content on your website, and the chances are very high that they’ll link to your interview with them once you’ve published it.

Link Building Technique 3- (Link Within Your Own Website)

That’s right, internal web linking is still both very important and very effective. Many automatically assume that they’ve always got to look outside their own site for incoming links, but this isn’t the case every time.

Link Building Technique 4- (Use Your Associations)

If you’re a member of a trade group, professional group, or your local Chamber of Commerce. Then, by all means, take advantage of the links that they can provide you with from their websites. Many offer members links within a members’ directory on their sites.

Link Building Technique 5- (Write Link Bait)

This has been done over and over again, but it still works when done right. The trick is to come up with a comprehensive list of resources or other tips & advice on a certain topic. For which you just happen to be an expert. Publish it on your website, spread the word, and just wait for other sites to begin to link to you.

Link Building Technique 6 (Link Exchanging)

Link exchanges are not as viable as they once were – after all, you probably get several requests in your email weekly. And ignore them because they’re spammy. And most link exchange requests do come across as spammy or annoying at best. But there’s still an opportunity to exchange links with your professional peers and other friends of your website. If you focus on real people and adding real value instead of randomly requesting exchanges with strangers.

Link Building Technique 7 (Social Media)

Facebook, Twitter, and now Google Plus are all great ways to attract links by providing valuable information through your feeds with those services. These links are a little bit different when it comes to the way they work. But the bottom line is that links to your site within these social media networks do have a notable impact on link popularity and search engine favorability of your website.

Link Building Technique 8 (Forums)

There are still tons of web forums out there that allow those who participate to add live links to their posts. The key here is to find a few good forums that relate to your niche. Become active participating contributors to those forums. Don’t just drop in and spam on occasion, but rather, actively participate in the ongoing dialogue there and give back to the community with your advice and helpfulness. This opens doors to share your links too.

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