Keyword Research Tools and Tips – 2 Things Helping for Beginner

Keyword Research Tools and Tips

Most everyone who researches keywords already knows about Overture’s Keyword Research tools and Word Tracker. However, if going it alone, these are some great resources to help you get started.

However, there are other resources and consideration that can help identify and expand your target search terms as well.

Google Adwords continues to add sophistication to Keyword Research when preparing for a pay per click campaign. This same keyword suggestion tool can be used to broaden the depth of your search market.
Look at misspellings as opportunities to more easily capture traffic that otherwise would be out of your reach considering the level of competition for your target market.


Especially effective for Google, utilize synonyms as a way to create additional relevance on a topic.

Finally, break down your primary target high traffic phrases that are directly related to your target search phrase. Be certain to break up multi-word phrases and analyzing each word individually. Take the pieces and compile a great Keyword List. This is a time-consuming process and why I only recommend focusing in on high-value traffic.

Example: related Keyword Research Tools and Tips

Remember, effective keyword research is the foundation to your site base Search Optimization and any future Search Engine Marketing. Take your time and do it right.

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