Keyword Blueprint | Build A Better Keyword Blueprint In Just 1 Minute

Keyword Blueprint | Build A Better Keyword Blueprint In Just 1 Minute
Keyword Blueprint | Build A Better Keyword Blueprint In Just 1 Minute

Build A Better Keyword Blueprint:

Do you have a keyword blueprint for your web presence? In a nutshell, a keyword blueprint can be basically described as an organized list of keywords and keyword phrases. That you’d like to target with your website or blog. While every plan is different. It’s common to develop an individual page or post for each major keyword phrase identified by the blueprint.

Having a keyword blueprint is a great way to stay focused and develop a web presence in a logical and efficient way. There are a couple of easy strategies than be used to build a better keyword blueprint in just minutes.

Keep It Tight

Successful web developers have known for quite some time that keeping a site on focus. And within its own niche is the way to go. In other words, for the best rankings, it’s important to be an authority site on your topic. Not just another one of the masses. By giving the most attention to the narrower keyword phrases that specifically dial into what your site is all about. Instead of chasing the broader topical keywords, you’ll be able to dominate the niche faster than ever.


While there is an upcoming school of thought. That says a website will do better by trying to be everything to everyone. (think about how well Wikipedia does in the search rankings). – This strategy is highly impractical at best for small businesses and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, it is totally within reason to dominate your niche, this is common sense and will continue to work. Keep it in mind when developing your keyword blueprint.

Go Local

Going local has been in the spotlight for a while now, and the value behind the concept is still completely relevant. It’s likely that most websites represent an organization that also has a strong local presence within their community. Even if the ultimate intention of having a web presence is to attract visitors and customers beyond the local area. It would be foolish not to appreciate the web searchers in our very own backyards.

Whenever possible (and if it will be relevant). Go ahead and add the name of your community, region, or state onto some of your niche’s keywords. Create a sub-section of your keyword blueprint. That caters specifically to your locality and build out that section of the website. While the initial buzz of the web was the fact that you could go worldwide right from your couch things are going full circle today. It’s amazing! how many people use the web as a first resort to find a business, organization, or service in their own local community.

Make your keyword blueprint work for you!

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