Increase Referral Traffic To your blog | 6 Massive Way

Increase Referral Traffic To your blog | 6 Massive Way
Increase Referral Traffic To your blog | 6 Massive Way

In this article, we will know how to Drive and increase Referral Traffic To our blog. Blog Traffic is something we all need. Without traffic, no blogger would be able to survive in this blogosphere.

Without traffic, there would be no one to read your content. Any blogging is useless without readers. So getting traffic to your blog is very important for a successful career in blogging.

Traffic Type:

There are two types of traffic1. Organic and 2.Referral traffic. Organic traffic is the traffic that we receive from search engines. We are not going to talk about organic traffic here in this article.

For getting Referral traffic, you need to adopt certain measures and properly apply them. In this article, I am going to show you some ways by which you can drive referral traffic to your website.

What is Referral Traffic?

Referral Traffic is the traffic that you get from sources other than search engine. The source can be social media, other blogs, forums etc. In simple words, I would say that when other websites refer traffic to your blog then that traffic is knowing is referral traffic.

It means that you have posted your link on these websites and whenever someone clicks on those links, they are directed to your website. This is referral traffic.

Here is the screenshot of my referral traffic


Getting referral traffic is not as tough as it seems. It just that you need to work in a prescribed manner and regularly. It is just a process that you need to follow, traffic will drive in automatically.

Amazing Ways To Drive Referral Traffic

There are a large number of ways to drive referral traffic from other websites. It’s one of the most easy task. The best part about driving referral traffic is that the traffic is highly targeted. Thus this traffic is worth getting and can convert into sales and long term customers

1.Drive Traffic Through Press Releases

What are Press Releases?

Press Releases are websites which help you to send your content to the publications and media. The main aim of the press releases is to make content reach the media. The syndicate the content from the users to the various journals, publications, media websites. You are creating news for the world to read.

How Much Traffic Can I Get From Press Releases?

You can drive traffic from press releases but no one can guarantee the number of visitors one can get from there. Sometimes you may get 1000s of visitors while sometimes, you may hardly get only 15-20.

Traffic that you will get depends on many factors such as :

1. The content of your article. Write Interesting articles that people would like to read.

2. Market of the topic. If there is a small market for the topic you are writing then you will end up getting less visitors and vice versa.

3. Google News: If press release gets into google news then you can expect a huge rise in traffic.

4. Search engine ranking: Higher the press release ranks in search engine, higher traffic it gets.

How to Drive Traffic From Press Releases

Submit your articles to press releases to drive referral traffic. But only submitting articles will not work. Here are some tips for you that are essential to drive traffic.

  • People loves reading article with deep statistics. So write and submit articles that contain some statistical reference. This can help your article to get attention.
  • Optimize your press release for Seo. Do proper keyword research and use relevant keywords.
  • Submit your articles to different press releases. Don’t just stick to same press releases to whom you have already submitted articles. Submit your article to more and more press releases.
  • Write Eye-Catching Titles. This can make a huge difference

Here are Some Press Releases which you can consider for submitting your articles :

Press Releases can do miracles. You just need to work properly and in a prescribed manner. Follow the tips that I have shared above.

2. Use Q&A Websites To Drive Traffic

Q&A websites are a great source of traffic. On these websites, you find people who are waiting to find solutions to their problems. Just find questions related to your article and provide the best answer along with your article link.

This is a great way to drive targeted referral traffic to your blog. This provides the following benefits :

  1. You get a backlink every time you answer a question
  2. Person who asked your query will check your blog and may become a long term reader.
  3. Other users having the same query may check the question which you answered and may click on your link.
  4. This means that you don’t get referral traffic for a single day but also in the long term.

A Warning:

Do not answer so many questions by putting links from the same domain. In simple words, do not put your link more than 2 times in a day while answering questions on a single Q&A Website. These websites are smart enough to understand that you are putting links to drive traffic from there. So there are chances that your account may be terminated and all your answers would be deleted. My yahoo answers account was terminated while working on this technique. So don’t repeat this mistake.

Work in a controlled manner. Answer questions on many Q&A websites and you will see a great rise in your traffic.

Here are some Q&A Websites which you can use.

Q&A websites are a great way to drive some extra traffic to your blog, And the best part is that the traffic will be worth getting as it will be highly targeted.

3. Use Tweet Button In Your Posts:

Did you notice that I have put a tweet button multiple times in my blog post? This is a great way to make people share your content on twitter. It makes sharing process easier for readers and they are more likely to hit the tweet button. The more tweets you get, the more referral traffic you get from twitter.

Click to tweet

In the Box Titled “Message you would like tweeted”, put the message that you want people to tweet and click the “Generate New Link Button “.
basic link in Click to tweet

After clicking the generate button, you will get your link which you can use to make people tweet your content easily.

tweet link in Click to tweet

Now place the tweet button at various places in your blog posts and link the button with the link generated.

4. Use Triberrr for Referral Traffic

Have you ever used “Triberr“? If not then start using it right now. Triberr is a place where you can share your content with a large number of like-minded folks who are interested in your content. It not only drives quality traffic but also helps in developing your long term audience.

How To Get Traffic From Triberr?

Triberr can bring in great traffic. This is a platform which is worth using and I can personally assure you about this. Here are some tips to get traffic from the triberr.

Comment on so many posts on triberr

This increases your visibility. Share your thoughts about triberr posts. This always worked well for me and I ended up making good contacts with many influential bloggers in the blogosphere. The more visible you become, the more traffic you get from triberr.

Share posts continuously

Helping is a mutual process. Help others to make them help you. If you want triberr folks to share your posts then you would have to share their post. But share only that content which is worth sharing with your audience. Don’t just share just for the sake of sharing. Keep doing this. Your fellow folks will start sharing your posts! Boom !! That will bring in lots of traffic.

Start a tribe on Triberr

Starting your tribe will help you build some reputation among the members of triberr. Invite all the bloggers of your industry to join your tribe. This works well.

Join a Large number of Relevant Triberrs

Join a large number of tribes and try to stay active in those groups. Post comment and share regularly.

Complete your Profile

You need to have a proper identity this is what many folks check before inviting you to their tribes . Give all your info and give a link to your blog. Share all other social network accounts.

Respond to comments

Always respond to comments that you get on your posts in triberr. This is the basic key to establish strong relations with fellow bloggers. The better the relations are, the more quickly your content is likely to get shared.

Triberr gives awesome results and is worth using. Many famous bloggers also use triberr. This platform has given wonderful results. So go sign up to Triberr and start counting visitors 🙂

5. Master The Art Of Blog Commenting ( Case Study )

We all know that blog commenting can drive in lots of traffic. My blog is only 2 weeks old but still gets 50-60 visitors per day just from commenting. Post Detailed comments on the blogs of the other folks in your industry. Blog commenting brings traffic in two ways :

  • The owner of the blog on which you commented may get impressed with your comment and may click on the link to check out your blog.
  • The audience of the blog you commented might find your comment interesting and click on the link to check out your content.

Read>> get traffic from blog commenting

This shows that blog commenting as a great potential to drive traffic to your blog. Your comments should be informative enough so that people can’t stop themselves from checking out your content.

Here are some tips to write a better blog comment :

  • Write a detailed comment and try to add as much information as you can.
  • Always give your own opinion.
  • Try to add extra value to the points already mentioned in the post.
  • Share your experiences that are related to the post.

What I Do to Drive Traffic from Blog commenting?

  • I comment on a large number of blog. The more you comment, the more traffic you get. It’s as simple as that.
  • I always try to become the first person to comment. First comment is likely to get more attention then comments than other comments.
  • Write detailed comments as I already told you.

Detailed comment + large commenting + first commenting = Massive Referral Traffic

Commenting has always worked for me and works for every blogger. But its a long term process, you cant expect quick results from this technique but in the long run, it pays well.

6. Understand The Power of Facebook Groups (My Strategy )

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platform. You can drive madly massive traffic from Facebook. Its has millions of users. All you need is to make them aware of your content.

Facebook groups work very well when it comes to promoting your content on Facebook.

I follow some rules which are very important to follow to get the best results. I follow these rules personally and have always got good results.

My Strategy

1- Avoid Short Links

This is a true and experimented fact that posts with link links get more attention then posts with short links. So never use a URL shortener to reduce your URLs (if you are posted those URL’s on FB groups ). You will miss potential traffic by using short links.

2- Use Attractive Images

Use eye-catching images. Images get a lot of attraction. An image can speak a thousand words. So always try to put an attractive image along with the link. Images help to make your look interesting. This is a great way to make people visit your article.

3 – Add Description

Don’t just post blog post link along with an attractive image . Give a small description before the link. This helps the viewers to understand the theme of the article clearly. So they become more comfortable in visiting your blog.

Wrapping It Up

Getting Referral traffic is not a big deal. Honestly speaking, it is not tough to get referral traffic. All you need a systematic working on the above points. These ways are tried and tested and have always worked well for me.

Let me Know, what Do you think

Please come in the comment box and give me your precious feedback and suggestions 🙂 Thanks

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