What Is Domain Authority? 20 Tips To Increase Domain Authority

What Is Domain Authority? 20 Tips To Increase Domain Authority
What Is Domain Authority? 20 Tips To Increase Domain Authority

Besides the blog has a good-looking design and is fully optimized. But Domain Authority is also an important factor to improve your blog ranking in the search engine. Every blogger concentrate on increasing their blogs Page Rank and pay very less attention to Increase Domain Authority.

Even this happens to me as I was truly unaware of the Domain Authority. And just looking at Page Rank I bought one PR 5 site expecting that I’ll get lots of paid posts, but everything goes opposite nobody was interested because of my Domain and Page Authority which was zero.

At this point, I started my research on How to Increase Domain Authority? Was eager to explore each point so that my dream of becoming a Professional Blogger will clear one more obstruction. By understanding exactly What Domain Authority means? So let’s get started what I have learned. And writing it down for my readers to understand this topic.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority ( also known as DA ) is a calculation of certain cause made by SEOmoz. SEOmoz (a big shot in the world of Search Engine Optimization) to show the authority of a website. It’s like Alexa Ranking and Google Page Rank but webmasters and Advertisers pay special attention on DA as it is calculated by considering both.

To understand the statistical values, Moz published description of some factors used in calculating SEOmoz Domain Authority.

What I Learned: DA is not related to Google. A firm known as SEOmoz calculate Domain and Page Authority based on Google Search Algorithm.

Why Domain Authority is Important ?


After “Google” updates on Page Rank, made webmasters to search for an easy Alternative to rely on data. The Moz DA / PA was almost correct, which made DA an important factor. We can say Domain and Page Authority has almost replaced Page Rank.

Google Domain Trust Calculation:

Before we move ahead I thought to explore some Domain Trust Authority signals, based on Google Calculation. And used by SEOmoz in determining Domain Authority.

  • Who Links to You: Moz calculate authority by checking incoming links to you is from Genuine or from any spam sites. Incoming link from PRO.edu or.Gov sites are still considered as Authority. Because most of this site is spam-free and links from them will consider you as an Authority.

Tips: Try to Get inbound links only from Authority sites which are spam free.

  • Who you Links to SEOmoz checks each outbound link from your site. Any link to spam sites will decrease the chance of getting good Domain Authority Score.
Tips: Only Link to Domain or Page’s which are spam-free, or simply link to sites having more than 50 DA. As this site are genuine and spam-free as per SEOmoz metric.

Registration Info:  Registration information confirms that all 21 domains belong to the same owner.

And if anyone of the sites involved in spam activity, then all sites will come under the radar. ( Just to get this Info Google Became Domain registrar but never Started Domain Selling Business).

Tips:  If you have a domain involved in spam activity. Try not to use the same whois info for registering a new domain. Registration Info will always make your Authority Low, because of your previous domain.

  • User Data Signals: Google collects data from the toolbar, Analytics, third-party relationship and so on, which helps the Google algorithm. To calculate domain trust in ranking your Web site.

SEOmoz also considers above mention four points to calculate Domain Authority.

How is Domain Authority Calculated and Scored?

Measured on numerical values between 0 to 100, DA can also be considered as the popularity of a website. More the number more chances of your website getting top Search Engine Ranking Position. As claimed by SEOmoz they analyze Google algorithm on how search result works and Finalized DA based on more than 40 metric calculations.

To get DA between 20 to 30, it’s pretty easy with some authority backlinks. Gradually increase to 60 based on backlinks quality and other factors. The real task is to get the Domain Authority Score above 60. But what I found is once your site has achieved DA of 60. That means it’s a popular site with plenty of visitors. So now forget about DA, and concentrate on Quality Content. Webmasters will link back to you automatically based on content and Authority Achieved by your site.

Here are some Factors used in Domain Authority Calculations:

1. Domain Age:

In my earlier post, I already mentioned that 80% of blogs never get a chance to celebrate their first anniversary. Due to this, the trust level for new domains in the eye of Google or SEOmoz is very less. Older domains have more chances to rank higher as compare to new domains. New webmaster can’t do anything as it takes time to increase domain age and trust.

Tips to overcome: Buy Aged Domain or Get your New Domain registered for at least 5 years which will automatically increase the trust. In the year 2017 buying domain with 10 years of registration considered as Authority site, which drop to just 5% in the year 2020).

2. Link Diversity:

Is very important without considering PageRank? Says if you want to increase the PageRank it’s very easy to manipulate. Buy charity link from any PR 8 site and on the next update you have at least PR 6, wow you got the PR but not the DA.

Diversity is much harder to achieve, say lots and lots of sites are linking to you which don’t have any shared data among them. This makes sense that all different sites are independently voting for you. This diversity plays a very important role in making your Domain an Authority, we can call link diversity as domain diversity, that’s how many domains link to your domain.

Distribution of Link Diversity :

  • Write Guest Post: I had never done any Guest posting. But it helps if done in a proper way. Always post on blogs which are better than yours. Considering Good Amount of traffic, Domain Authority as well Page Rank, DoFollow links appreciate but not so important, ask for 2 outbound links for your site. one point toward homepage and other on your post page.
  • Yahoo Answers:  yahoo answers are very useful in two ways. First, it has a DA of 100 and comes under the very trusted domain, and second the more you answer the more traffic you will get on your site.
  • Forum Posting:  look for High DA forums. Each post will leave your footprint behind in the form of Signature, ( advertising space below every post is known as signature space ).
Please Read This Article For Commenting Tips
  • Commenting:  The ever Green so-called method, search for sites with high DA, PR and Alexa and start commenting, be careful to comment only on sites related to your niche.
  • Article submission:  It’s the same like Guest posts. Only the difference is that site known as article directories. Where you can submit articles with a link back to your sites. A lot of article Directories are out there to name some: how, Squidoo, HubPages, and ezine articles.
  • Press Release, Directory Submission, Video creation and submission, RSS submission, Social Bookmarking, Social Share, Profile Links, Blog Directories also helps to increase link diversity.
  • Please Note: “Press Release” Matt Cutts himself recently said, “I wouldn’t expect links from press release websites to help your rankings“. So at the movement PR is out of my mind. But Here is a Proof, that Press Release still works. Finally, you decide to use it or not.

3. Link Juice / Page Rank:

Say a domain has 5 pages and all with PR3 and has the outbound link to another domain. But SEOmoz considers all sub-pages as single domain whiles calculating Domain Authority.

4. Temporal link Analysis:

Google has Applications and Historical data. Which helps them to analysis any backlinks, say a webmaster buy some High PR links and suddenly all links are pointing towards same domain in a single day, this make Google suspicious, and start crawling why your site gets so much Authoritative link in a single day. ( Any Press Release, Valuable Content, Latest News  or You Purchased some link ).

Tips: Have you ever heard of Fiverr, or any guy selling High PR links, Blog Roll, Footer Links avoid it never Buy this link which will only harm your reputations.

5. Distribution Analysis:

Suppose there are two sites. The first site has 50 pages but only one or a couple of pages are famous due to some distribution of software or for its content. Second website has only half of the links as compared to the first site. But its incoming links are diverse, a lot of posts being linked by each person.

This makes the second website more Authoritative and interesting. Moz will crawl and rank far more as compared to another site, yes the first site has better PageRank and perfect in technical aspects. But it has Earned only links to one page or a couple of pages, which indirectly tells that the rest of your content is useless and of no use.

6. Bounce rate, Returning Visitors, Number of Page Views, Time Spend on the page,

7. Server Speed, Up-time, Malware, avoids any redirection, crawl error.

8. Create / write unique and fresh articles:

Content is king, and it’s accepted by most of the SEO experts nothing is better than content. Write quality content and try to make the finishing article no matter how long it gets. Remember 500-word article is not considered as finishing the article.

9. On page SEO: Never Publish your content without proper On page Optimization.

10. Avoid Spam Activities: Do not get involved in any spam Activities.

11. Deep Linking: Deep linking to internal pages with relevant matching content has shown good results. I suggest place manual links and do not use any plugin for this purpose.

Tips to Increase Domain Authority Quickly ? or How to increase Domain Authority?

A lot of especially new webmasters search for this term, and the answer is – BIG NO.
There is no way to increase Domain Authority quickly. As it takes time depending on your approach and attitude toward your blog. But for sure if you consider using above-mentioned factors then on the next DA update you will see your Improved DA ranking.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority.

I’ll try to keep it simple and short. Domain Authority measure the authoritative strength of root domain or subdomain and Page Authority measures only current Page authoritative strength. But both play an important role, Remember PA also pass authority to DA.

How and When domain authority gets updated?

Nearly every three weeks DA gets updated, and how you have the answer above.

Where can you Find Domain Authority? Tools for checking current Domain Authority?

There are lots of tools available but here are some famous site and tools available for Domain Authority Check.


SEOmoz Preferred DA Checker

As well you can Download the SEO Toolbar by MOZ, which will show DA and PA, right on your browser menu, making the job easy of track Authority sites. SEOmoz Toolbar Download

Conclusions :

1. Details on MozRank and MozTrust was not included in-depth as they required another post to explain. ( will publish very soon )
2. As Mention above ( DA almost replace PageRank, this was what most of the webmasters are telling). But still I believe in PageRank and started considering DA / PA as well.
3. Sorry for my Graphics as am not well familiar with Photoshop. So images above are made in MS Paint.

That’s it, webmasters, I had cleared my doubt hope you as well, suggestions and corrections are welcome through the comment section. Hope you like it, see you next time till then use this Tips to Increase Domain Authority Quickly.

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