Monetize Alexa Rank | 4 Way to Consistently Improve Alexa Rank

Monetize Alexa Rank | 4 Way to Consistently Improve Alexa Rank
Monetize Alexa Rank | 4 Way to Consistently Improve Alexa Rank

Improve Blog’s Alexa Rank:

Every Blogger who starts blogging gets to know the importance of having good Alexa Rank in a few weeks or a few months. Every Blogger wants to achieve good Alexa Rank for his blog but improving it is not very easy. From the past few weeks, I am learning SEO and I have realized that improving Alexa Rank consistently is not very difficult but it requires good work to be done by the blogger.

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In this post, I am mentioning some good tips for improving Alexa Rank. I can’t say that these tips will work out for you but for me, it has worked. So you should get motivated and start following these tips for seeing consistent improvement in Alexa Rank.

Write Posts with a minimum of 500 words

Lengthy posts work well for most of the bloggers. On this blog, I have not written very lengthy posts (more than 1000 words) but I have tried my best to write posts having 500-700 words. Before I start to write any blog post. I just make a list of points which I will include in my post. You should always have a good introduction and ending paragraph in every blog post which you are writing. If you regularly update your blog post with unique posts having good length then you will see improvement in your blog’s Alexa Rank.

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Important Note:

If you will write very low-quality lengthy posts then don’t expect to see any improvement. Just write on something which you already know and you will see that it will bring a good result to your blog.

Get Social Media Shares

Whenever I update my Blog I make my friends know about it through my social networking profiles. If your friends will share your new blog post link on their profile it will bring good result for your blog. Google loves to see genuine people sharing the same content on social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus etc.

More the number of social media shares, faster can be the improvement in your blog’s Alexa Rank. You should just write good content and share it with your friends as your friends will share something which they like.

Some Best Tips to improve the Alexa Rank of your Blog

Don’t Accept many paid posts


You will stop seeing improvement in your blog’s Alexa Rank if you regularly start accepting paid posts. Paid posts will consist of 1 or 2 external links to some other blog or website. Which Google may not like. Providing external links has harmed many blogs. And your blog too can get harmed if you regularly provide external links to unrelated websites.

Reviews about your blog at Alexa website

You must make a profile for your blog at Alexa website. Once you have an account at Alexa website you can ask your blog’s fans to write a review about your blog. Your blog’s regular visitors will write a good review about your blog. As they may be very happy with the content you are writing.

Improving your blog’s Alexa Rank may not be very easy for you but it is not very difficult. You should just consistently follow these tips and you will see consistent improvement in Alexa Rank which you always wanted. If other bloggers can improve their blog’s Alexa Rank then definitely you can also improve it by doing hard work and having patience. You should just keep working hard on your blog without any expectations. And you will see improvement.

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