Blogging Plus SEO | 4 Best Tips For Beginners

Blogging Plus SEO | 4 Best Tips For Beginners

Guiding Tips For New Bloggers How to Start Blogging Plus SEO

When I started blogging for the first time, I didn’t even know that there is something called SEO? I did neither take any lessons from an institution nor an SEO expert.

What did I do then? I just created an account and launched a site on blogger. At that time for me, a blog was supposed to be fitted with everything inside and what I was supposed to do was just to search for the content. And fill it up with as many posts as possible. As I was a newbie and no one was there to put me on the track, I continued with my wrong idea of earning money for giving nothing.

Committed to the goal (Important Part Of Blogging Plus SEO)

Because I aimed to earn money, I used to steal people’s content and put them on as my own. Let me clarify one thing here_it was not because I was an empty-minded person, of course, I had some very nice ideas and had things to share with. The problem was, no one told me when and why we need to create a blog? For me, a blog was nothing but a way of earning money without any efforts. This very wrong step which I took, of course, due to lack of proper guidance, left me with nothing other than wastage of time and sorrow.

Failure is hell but if you don’t know the way to heavens until you don’t reach the hell, you can’t understand that you are in the wrong way. Now it’s up to you to trace your path to success. My failure left me with some serious questions in my mind. Then I tried to understand the very concept of blogging. As time passed, I came across some helping articles which guided me along the way. This behaviour enlightened me from inside and I once again started a new blogging life, but this time I was on the right track, with all positive thoughts and the idea of earning money right under my foot.

What if you don’t face failure?

Failure, as I mentioned above, is due to the lack of guidance. If someone is there to guide you instead of the failure itself, then you are lucky for sure. This article is preferably dedicated to those who are either going to start a blog or have just started one. In addition to touch with blogging psychology, this article also contains some basic SEO tips, so that the concepts of the blogger, as well as the systematic and technical settings of the blog, should be productive from the very beginning.

Blogging__When to start?__The true concept

What is When I started blogging for the first time, I didn’t even know that there is something called SEO? I did neither take any lessons from an institution nor an SEO expert. When I started blogging for the first time, I didn’t even know that there is something called SEO? I did neither take any lessons from an institution nor an SEO expert. should be a simple question, but inside it is the very concept which most of us miss at first hand.


Blogging in actual sense is the sharing of what we know, a blog when offline is a book written by us, an admin of a blog is the author of a book and author of a specific book means someone who has plenty of knowledge regarding that specific topic. If I am intended to start blogging, I must look back at myself and answer a few questions. Why do I want to build a blog? well, I want to share what I know. A nice idea of course, but what do I know? The answer to this question is the title of the book I am going to write. In blogging terminology, it is my NICHE.

At this stage, the success or otherwise failure of the blogging future of a blogger is decided. For avoiding failure and maximizing the chances of success I need to select a niche that is most familiar to me, which I could better discuss and more importantly the one about which I have plenty of stuff to share. After I decide the niche, here comes the domain selection. My domain name is the compact description of the niche I have just selected. For other important features of the domain, switch to the following article.

How to choose a suitable domain name?
After the blog is launched

By now I have selected my domain name and I have an empty blog waiting for stuff to be posted. When it comes to blogging, it is often said that ‘content is the king’. To push my right decision to work, two things matter the most. My content and blog SEO. What type of subtopics I need to choose for my daily blog posts is my content strategy and what techniques I need to apply to pump my articles up in the google search is the SEO. My blog posts must be equipped with these two important features. Both these topics are discussed in detail in the following article.
How to write a striking blog post?

That’s all, these were the important steps a blogger must take to avoid failures and catch the heavens starting from the right decision to content creation and search engine optimization.
If you like this article or if you feel that some more points need to be added, please put them below in the comments section. Even if a single blogger is guided by these tips when he needs it, it will be a reward for me. Best of luck for your blogging future.

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