Google and Yahoo Sitemaps — 2 Easy Setup, Great Benefits

Google and Yahoo Sitemaps — 2 Easy Setup, Great Benefits
Google and Yahoo Sitemaps — 2 Easy Setup, Great Benefits

Easy Setup Google and Yahoo Sitemaps:

In your quest for natural traffic, you should be thinking about using the Google and Yahoo sitemaps program to make your site more accessible. Now, I know there is some concern over the newest updates from Google, which we’ve already covered in this blog. However, in the long run, the sitemaps protocol really is for the best, and to ignore it is to leave valuable traffic behind.

Essentially, the sitemaps program is designed to make it easier for the bots to index the content on your site. If you are already working on getting good organic traffic, as you should be, then this is another tool for your arsenal. The sitemaps are fairly straightforward to put together (and an essential part of our SEO strategy), plus they offer a number of tangible benefits to you.


Again—Sitemaps Easy Set-Up

If you’ve avoided dealing with the sitemaps issue to date because you are worried about the technical side of things, stop. This is one area where the industry leaders have all gotten together to make things easy. Though sitemaps may be written in HTML or XML, the industry has officially settled on an XML file format to make things consistent across search engines. The capacity to create or build the file is part of many professional web development tools

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There are also a ton of piggy-backing applications that do nothing but create the sitemap, sometimes in as few as a 3 – 5 clicks. The thing that most folks stumble on though is how to go about regularly updating the sitemap and pinging it to the search engines each time there’s a relevant website update or change. This is where it can significantly help to have the assistance of web development professionals backing you up!

Tangible Benefits

Using sitemaps offers you real, tangible benefits. This is because sitemaps make it easier for the bots to discover the content in your website and to ultimately reward you for it. The improved discovery process adds speed to your rise in the search rankings, bolstering your position as a value-added provider.

As your site continues to be indexed, the sitemaps protocol will help prove to the bots that you have a well-organized, useful website that visitors will be pleased to find. While the industry people working on the latest sitemap system protocols may still be ironing out random kinks across platforms, the long term benefits of its advanced categorization and updating systems will be to your advantage. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to take the plunge.

Just let us know and we’ll be happy to sit down and explain how this all works in your favour!

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