Blog Name Generator | Free Top 3 Blog Name Generator Tools Online

Blog Name Generator | Free Top 3 Blog Name Generator Tools Online
Blog Name Generator | Free Top 3 Blog Name Generator Tools Online

Making use of the Free Blog Name Generator Tool Online is one of the best ideas as you can come up with creative domain names generated by these tools. And the most important part you don’t have to pay a single penny to any professional company or guys who charge heavy just for their Domain Suggestion services.

A small quote is writing this article because I had used these tools to find some Good Blog Names. And by using some of below mention domain generator. I came to know about the real potential of free blog name generators. So no more hip hop let’s get started.

Why people search for Blog Name Generator?


Need a funny or unique domain name? Last night you haven’t slept just thinking for your next blog name. It happened and no need to worry about with all this free domain suggestion tools for sure you will get what you are searching. Based on my experience and with a small survey within my group of friends. I came to the conclusion that 70% will find their blog name using all this tool. So I cannot say that you will get a Hundred Percent. But, if I can get why not you, it’s worth to have a look.

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How Blog Name Generators are useful?

You need small/big names, or with your specified keyword. This blog generator comes with all the options you need to make your domain name search fast. We all know that Five-word domain names are almost unavailable, but I found and if you wish to make some authority site then, small character domains are preferred.

Now you tell is it easy to search for Five character domain names. The answer is No that’s why blog name generators are very handy tools.

Even Affiliate marketers use domain suggestion tool to generate unique word combination with their Exact match domain. Especially after Google updates on EMD.

Creating your Brand

We can say Blog name generators as Brand name generators. Remember any domain name you are buying is a brand just you need to make it famous so everyone knows about your brand.

Blog Name Generator/domain Name Generator/web 2.0 name generator / Good Blog Names Generator: All these search words have only one purpose, to help you in getting your domain name quickly.

Worlds Top 3 free Blog Name Generator tools.

Wordoid creative blog name generator

1)Wordoid :

Nothing stands anything better than this unique and my favourite tool. But, I don’t like its new design as the old one was much convenient to me. But who cares as our main objective is to find out the domain name.

The most impressive thing I found about Wordoid is they have a five language options English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. If you want a suggestion on any particular language you can select that or else to get some Spanish spice you can select both or all at once.

Quality of words suggestions:

Choose from High, Medium, Low option. What it means? Suppose you had chosen high it will show only natural words which are easy to understand in that particular language. Low will be all unnatural words most of which don’t have any meaning almost a new word in this world.

Patterns of your Keyword: If you have any keyword in mind and want to use it in your Blog Name, then put the Keyword there and select where you want it. In the beginning, containing anywhere or at the end, As well you can keep it empty and continue your search.

Length of the Blog name : I had mention above that I find that was through this option. Selected the length to five character and started my search.

2) Namethingy:

I like this site because once I visited their page it starts showing some Name Suggestions and once you click on it 90% of them are available. And the random combination what it generates is under control, choose from type of word to include in the first and second word. Length and custom word you like to include.

Very Fast in showing the availability of domain on same page, makes it second best Blog Name generator.

3) Domain Name Soup:

My 3rd on the list, I won’t be going to write a description about this or post will become boring so just check it out and for sure with so many options you will love it.

There is a lot of sites available you just need to search on Google for Domain name suggestions or Blog name Generator, but nothing can compare with wordoid. You might be thinking am getting a bit promotional better you check by yourself, and after the list, I have my conclusion why I don’t consider these sites as Domain name Generators.

4) Online-Generator: Only Random suggestions and for checking availability we need to go and search on some domain registrar site.

5) Gzzt : Choose from Funky and Normal and no Random Suggestion, results based on our input keyword.

6) Word Constructor : Random Search, and show only one suggestion at a time.

7) Blog name generator:

Interested in collecting email id, put your name, email id, blog topic and they will mail you some awesome blog name.

8) NameStation: Pretty advanced online service to generate a domain in different ways. Most of all I liked the option «Random». But not worth you need to register and results the same as other. Also, you can sign in using Facebook and Google.

9) Domain Typer: This service is interesting because as I type the words in the string, checks and generating domain names.

10) Dot-o-motor: Generates domain names based on combinations of words which are selected from the options prefix and suffix. I like the Web 2.0 version where you just press the button «Generate Name!».

11) Domains bot: One of the most used domain suggestion tool but, not in my list. Keep on typing our keyword in their search box and availability will be shown below. (am here for suggestions not for searching domain availability).

So if you are still reading and checked all the sites, I can say now you know why I said nothing is better than Wordoid. I am not an affiliate of wordoid nor they have just because it is the best am telling so that readers can save their time.

Some of the site I don’t consider as Domain name Generator was due to:

  • Need to register, Mostly collecting email for their marketing Business.
  • No Random Suggestions Need to put the name by own and it will show the availability.
  • Need to input starting and ending Words for combining result, making domain name big.
  • Showing only one suggestion at a time. If you don’t like it, repeat again and again, for me a waste of time.
  • On some sites to check the availability need to visit Domain registrar page.

That’s why I don’t consider most of the site as an interesting blog name generator because I need everything in one single tool. Suggestions, custom Keyword, Random Keyword, length, language, which comes in only wordoid blog name generator. But if you found any other useful tools do let the readers know, my comment section is open for suggestions.

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