How To Engage Your Web Visitors | 5 Great Tips Waiting For You

How To Engage Your Web Visitors | 5 Great Tips Waiting For You
How To Engage Your Web Visitors | 5 Great Tips Waiting For You

It might sound like a challenge at first, but here’s the low-down truth. It is not difficult to engage visitors and keep them interested in your website. Just doesn’t have to be that hard at all.

So, how do you engage your web visitors and get them to come back and visit again? Here are some ideas…


One: Give your visitors exactly what they came for.

If you’re in the real estate business, your visitors want property listings and large detailed property photos. If you sell widgets, your visitors want to know exactly how your widgets apply to their needs. You’ve simply got to provide your visitors with what they came to see. This will obviously vary from one site to the next.

Two: Share the benefits with your visitors.

Maybe it’s easier to describe what visitors don’t want—they really don’t care to see every last detail in your bio. About your education and resume. They don’t care to see a list of your achievements instead. You’ve got to show them how they can benefit from your website. And this is very different from listing a million different reasons why you are the best. What’s actually in it for them?

Three: Understand that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Photos are ideal for websites. This isn’t to say that your written content should slack, but sometimes your visitors want to just “see” it and not have to read it. Thus, it’s important to supplement your written content with lots of high-quality photos that perfectly illustrate what you want your visitors to know.

Four: Keep your search engine optimization tactics legit.

If you’re optimizing for the search engines, you’re on the right track—you’ve got to get your site out there and visible to achieve any kind of traffic influx at all. But more importantly, accuracy matters. It can be relatively easy to trick search engines to list your site for all kinds of different things that it really doesn’t actually represent—but doing this is of absolutely zero value to your visitors. They know what they’re looking for, they know what they searched for, and the back button will be the first thing they click if you try and trick them into visiting your site through bad SEO. Keep it real.

Five: Give your visitors a way to take the next step.

You might not convert your visitors on their first visit, but you sure can get them to sign up for your e-mail list or follow your business page on Facebook. Be sure you make it clear and easy for them to keep your website in their sphere of ongoing focus. Don’t be afraid to boldly ask them to follow you on your website—they might not see it otherwise. It might take some kind of special offer to get them to take action and sign up, so be sure to make it worth their while.

Clearly, it’s important to engage your visitor if you want to keep them around or get them to return. Often, it’s as simple as asking for the sale or giving them a truly bookmark-worthy resource of information that beats all of the competition out there—this will keep them coming back time and time again. It takes time and effort, but it’s just not that difficult.

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