This is a step by step explanation of how to choose a SUITABLE DOMAIN NAME for your future blog. Choosing a working domain name is the first step and most considerable step towards a successful blog. Thousands of people create blogs on daily basis but all of them do not get success to their expectations, and the reason behind this is, mostly we do not give importance to small, basic but highly important points.

After reading this brief article I am sure you will be able to choose a suitable domain for your blog. Several tools on the Internet can aid you to choose a reasonable domain name.

Choose a suitable domain name

To make selection further easier I am enlisting the following general features of a good domain name.


A good domain must give a complete description of your content. A general word which specifies the content would be the most suitable one. For example, if you want to create a blog on beautiful nature, nature, wallpapers, etc, the possible names for such a blog may be following

  • Beautiful places
  • Paradise on earth
  • Places of heaven
  • The beauty of nature etc.

Let’s decide between the first two words i-e Beautiful places and paradise on earth. Both of the words completely describe your blog content “beautiful nature”. But the difference is clear, beautiful places is a more general term while Paradise on earth is comparatively complicated to describe the blog content.

A person willing to search for natural beauty will hardly or rarely use the word “paradise” or “heaven”. 99% probability is he will search for these words, Beautiful earth, beautiful places, awesome places, beautiful pictures, etc. So all of these words are closer to beautiful places than paradise on earth. In web language, these words are called keywords.



2.Suitable but precise length:

The length of the Suitable domain name must be precisely suitable, not too long, not too short. In this matter, your creativity will surely benefit you a lot. Some good creative people with extremely low blogging knowledge selects such precise but effective words that search engine pic readily. In the above example, beautiful places make a perfect combination without any joining bridges like “of”,” and”, “on” etc.

Search engine search frequency:
Your domain should fall under the list of words that have a good I mean high search frequency history in google search engine. Because google search engine makes a difference in real-time. Use the following tool to check the search frequency of the word or words you want to assign to as a domain name.

At the beginning you will try Google trends for your Niche and for suitable domain. Then you can try this tools-bellow

18 Tools for Choosing the Suitable Domain Name

1. Domainr10. Lean Domain Search
2. Name Mesh11. Domize
3. NameStall12. Panabee
4. Impossibility!13. Dot-o-Mator
5. NameBoy14. DomainsBot
6. Domain Typer15. NameTumbler
7. BustAName16. Wordoid
8. Domain Puzzler17. SuggestName
9. Namestation18. Bulktopia

3.Domain extension:

If you want to buy a domain, always try to catch a domain with .com or .net extensions. The last part of any domain which is the part after the dot”.”. It has an appreciable influence on the success of your blog. Blogs with .com or less preferably .net extensions are mostly used for content blogs, while a site on general knowledge or global warming might have a .org extension, Internet spammers and hackers mostly use .info extensions. Go to to buy your desired domain. Here I have mentioned as a blogger itself directs you to this platform in case you want to register your domain.

I hope the above explanations and comparisons will guide you to look through some sensible and technical ways to choose your domain name.

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