15 Advice For Career With A Blog | How to lay the Strong foundation

15 Advice For Career With A Blog | How to lay the Strong foundation
15 Advice For Career With A Blog | How to lay the Strong foundation

Introductory remarks About Career with a Blog

One of the most interesting ways to build our personal brand is Career with a Blog, with which we can build and strengthen our professional identity. And thereby increase our ability to generate future career opportunities. But for this, we must first lay the foundation for a career with a blog.

To put in context can reread Career with a Blog Means, “Your blog is your own business” and especially “Why a blog can help you find a job”


It is also important to understand the relationship between personal branding and employment. Career with a Blog plays a key role as a catalyst for our professional identity. Allowing us to position ourselves as leaders in a specific topic, and generated content to get the right target audience.

Therefore, anyone who wants to launch and promote their own brand through a blog. You need to consider the following aspects that directly affect this:

 Important Points to lay the foundation for a career with a blog

1. Domain Itself

This is an important issue for Career with a Blog because it influences and affects directly the brand. What will give the domain name?. If it is a generic name, shall clearly and summarizes what the theme of the blog. Another distinct alternative will put your own name on the domain. Under the umbrella of a blogging platform (type ‘www.bestmicroniche.blogspot.com’) or even buy our own domain name (‘www.bestmicroniche.com’ ), no doubt the latter will give more character to the brand.

2. Blog Design

The aesthetics of the blog is also important, since it speaks volumes about the blogger and the subject of the talk. In any case, always advise simplicity, remembering that what is important to build our identity are the contents. Hence, should not be abused in the gadgets that disperse the reader’s attention.

3. Frequency of publication

Does it give the same feeling, from a professional point of view, a person who generates a monthly income, than one that publishes daily?. A high frequency strengthens the brand as it creates a perception in the other dynamic and fresh content, making them recurring readers.

Identify the target audience we are targeting. Writing for ‘everyone’ can not be the best option to position a brand. The more specific the target, the greater impact it will have.

4. Dissemination of entries

Career with a Blog As important as the content is broadcast, so it will be necessary to identify the best social networks (not necessarily have to be the most users have, but the most appropriate for our theme and target audience) in which we deliver our content.

5. Coherent image

The blog should convey an overall image without distortions that affect our brand. You have to take special care if we want our brand to monetize the blog.

6. Generating  external traffic

It should specify what other websites (blogs, social networks, content aggregators,) we want to attract qualified traffic, and where previously been identified our target.

7. Content formats

What formats (post, video, podcast,) we will feel more comfortable?, What we believe better identify our brand?

8. Theme

What is the main content of the blog, what your main theme?.  Do we want to become a generalist or specialist brand?

9. How we want to identify

What kind of post entries?, Do we want to see us as the most knowledgeable of a subject, as a true expert?, Do we want to position ourselves as someone whose opinion is heard criterion? Intend to influence others? is it our intention to be the first to break news of interest? Depending on the posts that go up, our readers will identify one way or another, which is beginning to define our future brand.

10. Interaction

A transparent brand is open to the relationship with their community, which transmits strong social values. It is therefore desirable to provide the blog of all those elements to the conversation with the environment: Comments area, contact email, social bookmarking, And of course, readers respond ASAP.

11. Who am I

Any brand should have an overview of who is and who is dedicated, and above all, convey to their environment which offers that may be useful.

Extension of the content , which is directly related to the frequency of publication. To understand it better, if published  white-papers , it will do much to position a brand  as a true expert and leader in a specific topic on the other hand, if we decide to publish every day (obviously with a shorter extension without going into much depth of content) will cause the perception of the brand is much more dynamic and less ‘academic’.

Does it make ‘personal’ sole or shared? . It is possible to enhance the brand in a unique way, or else create it by several people working together. In the latter case, the brand is not as ‘personal’ and is somewhat diluted, but the result could be more powerful and fast, as different personals can bring different approaches and / or thematic.

12. Style

What is the tone of the blog: professional, personal, …?, What kind of relationship is established with the community?, We welcome your feedback??, Would you invite back?,? Ask your opinion?, Do you think we, or otherwise ‘sit chair’? …

13. Key message

It is the gateway (or output …) to our brand, and we identify which immediately put us a little sign that says who we are and what we can contribute. This is critical because if not concrete, we will be broadcasting a brand ambiguous and too general, what makes us unattractive and therefore generate no recurrence in our readers.

14. SEO

Career with a Blog-Despite the importance of own content, do not forget that the dissemination of our brand is crucial, so we must also prepare our blog to be positioned in major search engines.

15. Include the CV

Although a blog is not the same as a CV, we can enhance our own brand if we include the latter in our blog, making it a  Blog-CV, and causing you to have the best of each.


In short, Career with a Blog is a very powerful tool (perhaps most) that allows you to create and develop our personal brand, for which we must take into account all the aspects listed above and work them from the very beginning of the blog, without delaying its implementation underway. Please read the all about related topic to in this blog that will help u to build Career with a blog.

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