11 Way To Boost Monthly Income of your New Blog

11 Way To Boost Monthly Income of your New Blog
11 Way To Boost Monthly Income of your New Blog

How to Boost Monthly Income:

Bloggers need money to pay hosting bills, domain bills and other expenses like premium plug-ins, themes etc. apart from online expenses they have offline expenses also, to satisfy all these things every blogger tries to improve his blog’s revenue. It’s not possible to boost monthly income without knowing some monetization techniques. In this article, we wrote our tips with our experience which helps you to gain more dollars though your blog.

Make sure your blog is ranked well in search engines, and not penalized by animal update. These two factors are very important and you should pay attention when making money with your blog. You will get good Page rank, Alexa rank, Domain authority etc. automatically if your blog is in good condition.

Improving Your Blog’s Adsense Earnings:

Google’s Pay per click program, Adsense is most popular in the blogging world and do not require any special introduction. Read and implement these techniques if your blog is monetized with Google AdSense.

Note: you have to increase your CPC to improve your AdSense earnings. So here are some tips well worked for my blogs to increase CPC (Cost per click).

Get traffic from countries like US, UK:

Go to your AdSense dashboard, and see earnings reports based on countries. You’ll notice high CPC from some countries like US, UK etc. High paying countries depend on your blog’s niche. So check your niche’s high paying countries and work hard to attract visitors from such countries.

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Place ads in proper places To Boost Monthly Income:


Set ads in your blog according to the blog’s theme layout. In most layouts, header ad slots works well. Don’t forget to put an ad slot in middle/starting of your blog articles. Every week test different places in your blog, and note best performing places and use such places only, definitely you’ll see a huge change in your CPC.

Find for High CPC keywords in your niche:

Spend some time to do little keyword research. Find good CPC keywords in your niche topics and write posts related to those keywords, but remember one thing, don’t do keyword stuffing to rank your posts, Try to rank your posts naturally without applying SEO methods.


Enable both Image / Text Ads:

In AdSense dashboard, while creating an ad slot, you’ll see 3 options. 1. Text Ads only, 2. Media Ads (Image), 3. And Show both text/media ads. I prefer you to select 3rd option.

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Improving Your Blog’s Affiliate for Boost Monthly Income:

Second most popular monetization way is affiliated, if you sell affiliate productions through your blog. Then follow these techniques to Boost Monthly Income by the affiliate sales.

Write product reviews in your style:

Blog readers addict to blog author’s writing style, so write reviews of your affiliate products in your style. Mention the pros of cons of that product to be honest to your readers, it’ll improve loyalty in your readers. When writing reviews, compare your product with competing products and show them why your affiliate product is best with required proofs.

Make use of Special Days For Boost Monthly Income

You can Boost Monthly Income and your sales especially on some special days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and New Year etc. On such days most of the affiliate products offer special discount up to 50%+ on their price tag, so more people like to save their money by buying them on discount. Write posts like “Hostgator Black Friday Special Discount Sales” etc. And use your affiliate link in that post, if you write such posts very earlier than other competitors… It’ll get ranked in a very short time. You’ll see a surprising figure of amount in your affiliate account.

Create coupon codes and announce them:

For Boost Monthly Income, Coupons also another best way to improve your sales, so many products now offering coupons option. Affiliates are allowed to create coupon codes with names they like, if buyers buy the product using that coupon it’ll be counted as a sale.

Create Newsletter Campaign:

Email marketing is one of the hot topics for every year to gain subscribers through your blog. Weekly once send promotional emails with the explained use your affiliate product along with affiliate link. Remember; don’t irritate them by sending promotional emails regularly and asking them to buy the product directly.

Offer Services Best Way to Boost Monthly Income:

You can offer your services in your blog, it’ll add extra revenue to your blog. Example: if you are good in designer? Then offer Logo Designs, Banner Design services, or good at writing? Offer article writing, guest writing etc. services. Spend some time to create services page, and post an article about your newly started services. Inform about services to your readers through newsletter.

Pay good attention to these things and work with dedication, generating thousands of dollars from your blog it might be hard, but not impossible. Try and try and try.

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