Blogging is Hard! Do you think so? | Ultimate All About Blogging

Blogging is Hard! Do you think so? | Ultimate All About Blogging
Blogging is Hard! Do you think so? | Ultimate All About Blogging

What Is Blogging | Is Blogging Hard?

I love Blogging! It is one of my favourite area where I want to grow as a pro blogger. But growing as a pro blogger become harder as you think. Because there are many things that we have to do besides reading and writing.
Some of my points make more sense for who are trying to go as pro versus who do blogging as a hobby. So, here is the biggest illusion that I think every person deem about a blogger.

The reading and writing are one of my favourite things that I do all day, most probably reading. I read, read and read as much as possible and convert those readings into the piece of contents. These reading processes help me to create content.

Blogging is All About Writing!

If you are a blogger, then I think you know the truth, right?
Blogging is not all about writing only, It is a way much more than writing.
Here is a picture by which I want to show you the depth of blogging, I hope it makes some sense.

So, This is how blogging looks like. When someone just starts blogging, he/she thinks that he/she has to write and create some interesting posts and then they can earn decent money. Well, that’s the only begin, it doesn’t stop there.

This is the biggest illusion that you think, you have to create only good contents and then you can start earning decent money.
It’s not easier as that you think, It has a lot of hell includes in it.
Dear Bloggers, you are not alone in this journey who struggling with these things, I am also trying to solve some problems.

Blogging is much more than just Writing

Blogging has never ended at the writing. If you want to grow your community and live with blogging. You have to spend times on social media to get followers. You have to manage search engine optimization, graphics creation and much more.

When people are starting to come to your site then, you have to design a good looking website too. So, when it comes to design, you have to learn some CSS and HTML.

however, it still not end here, you have to reach community like Facebook groups and other social media groups. Connect with other creators and bloggers, read their stuff, like and comment on their articles. Now, if you want to earn money from your blog. You will have some business strategies too, like how to collect emails, how to make leads, how to be on the first page of Google, and etc.


So, No! Blogging isn’t an all-time writing process, you have to do a lot of non-writing related stuff most of the time. However, for me, I don’t think that it’s a problem for me. I love reading, graphic design, public engagement, and all that analytics stuff. So, there is nothing like that I hate, Only it takes a lot of time.

Comparing yourself with Others

Sometimes, It’s hard to believe that your content is good enough, probably, all the time, right?

When we are reading other’s stuff for researching, commenting. It is always happening, Oh! this content is so good, why I can’t write stuff like this? My stuff is so boring, It doesn’t have the story and so on.

When you are visiting other websites. You also find, Oh! A has more comments than me, What! B has started blogging after me and now B getting more traffic than me, Wow! C has better writing skills than me, and etc.

Comparing with others will never help you, only it slows down your productivity and makes you anxious. So, never compare yourself with others, Yes, we all have different opinions, different growth rate, and different writing skills.

Think about those people, who read your articles, comment on your articles, and like your articles. It doesn’t matter what is the number of those peoples, It can be one, hundred or even thousand, but keep in mind if they read your article thoroughly, It means they like the way you writing.

Stop judging yourself on behalf of others, If they have good content, have more comment than you, doing more commenting than you. Then they are giving more of their time to Blogging than you. So, comparing yourself with others can’t be really helpful.
Now, this can end like this when you comparing yourself.
I have done nothing productive all-day

It’s Never Good Enough

When you start blogging, you have to write contents but after content writing, you see no one visiting your site. So now, you also want traffic that visit your site and read your articles.

When you started getting traffic, you want some more and also organic traffic. Then you want to convert these traffic into social media followers.
You want to capture their emails to convert them into email followers. Then you want engagement from these traffics, their comments, their likes and share also.

Now you want clicks on your affiliate links that can convert into sales. Then you want more traffic that can be converted into affiliate sales.
This process is never-ending, you always want more, more and more. So, It is never good enough.
But you have to move on without thinking about these never good enough topics.

It takes a lot of time

Blogging is a slow process, not applied to all niches but for most of all. The growth rate may depend on your niche and your hard work.
All bloggers have a different growth rate, someone can become pro within two years or after five years, it depends on what efforts he/she put on his/her blog.

Your contents can take up to six months or more to appear on the first page of Google. And can take time for your followers to start sharing your articles.

The Blogging journey can be a little bit frustrating and demotivating, sometimes you want to quit blogging. But, If you really want to become a Pro-Blogger, you have to continuously put your efforts in the blogging until you got some leads.


Blogging is Hard. There is no way to become a pro blogger within a night and earn a lot of money.
You have to put efforts continuously and move forward without thinking about the past.

Doing blogging is fun and awesome! You will meet a lot of awesome people, will use a lot of awesome tools and have much fun doing blogging.
It has a lot of opportunities, you can make yourself as a Brand, can become a tool specialist, a social media master, a webmaster and much more awesome things.

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