Blog Commenting Benefit | Blog Commenting Part-1

Blog Commenting Benefit | Blog Commenting Part-1
Blog Commenting Benefit | Blog Commenting Part-1

Benefits of blog commenting


Blog commenting is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Not only because it’s a simple way to build FREE topical one-way links to your website. But also because it’s an excellent way to meet new people and make your name recognizable among other bloggers in your field. It’s also how to make or enter a network of like-minded bloggers and build good relationships.

Whether you’ll do this for business or just for own enjoyment – it’s entirely up to you. Only separate mind – the possibilities are there, able to be understood and utilised.

Networking and meeting link-minded people


Let’s first consider the social side of blogging, in any case, this is often the foremost enjoyable part. I believe, and that we shall address mercenary aspects afterwards.

When you leave quality comments on other people’s blogs and do that frequently. You form an extended-term relationship with the blog owners. This is often also an excellent thanks to meet new interesting people and enter (or even create) a network of bloggers in your field.

By getting engaged in blog commenting, not only are you able to make your name recognisable across the blogosphere. But you’ll also earn yourself an honest reputation and effectively promote your own blog. Including any products or services, it’s going to need to offer.

The blog owners really appreciate people leaving constructive, thought-provoking and insightful comments. As these help them to create a relationship with their readership. If you’re ready to contribute a discussion by making quality comments on a daily basis. Your relationship with the blog owners may become an excellent friendship.

Benefits of blog commenting

Blog commenting certainly benefits both blog owners and commenters. Let’s consider how exactly this works.

Benefits for commenters
In terms of SEO benefits, all blogs are often divided into no-follow and do-follow blogs.

Dofollow blogs:


As blog commenting spam might be a series problem. If not taken care of, most blog platforms (such as WordPress, e.g.) by default are distributed with Nofollow attribute for the comments.
However, there are special plug-ins that allow a blog owner to show his blog into a do-follow blog. You’ll ask, why would one want to try to do this? we’ll mention this later, and for now, let’s consider what benefits do-follow blogs may provide you with as a commenter.

Improving your SERPs:

Commenting on do-follow blogs improves your rankings on important search engines and, hence, increases your traffic. If additionally, those blogs also are topically-related to your blog. You’ll get quality one-way topical links, which are indispensable in helping your site to rank well on highly competitive terms. You are doing need to comment tons, however, for the effect to be seen, but having gotten into the habit of doing this often will undoubtedly bear fruits.

Increasing PR:

If you discuss high-PR blogs, particularly if the commented page itself features a high PR, you’ll increase your site PR absolutely FREE by providing quality comments. Comments’ Variety is very important, as high-PR blogs are normally moderated manually and only quality informative comments get published.

Deep links:

Blog commenting is one among the simplest techniques to create deep links to your site. If you are doing have some products or services to sell, you ought to remember that deep links have an enormous value for any e-business that desires to succeed. Internet surfers are lazy, they are doing value their time tons. Hence if you’ll give them the direct link to the product/service they’re curious about and provided sufficient info about the product/service thereon page, they’re far more likely to shop for from you.

If you lead a PPC campaign (such as Google Adwords) to urge targeted traffic to your site, you’ll surely appreciate the good value of deep links.

Link building services:

If you’re specialized at writing insightful, captivating comments that are useful to the blog’s audience, you’ll offer this skill as a paid link building service on SEO and webmaster forums.

How to Get Dofollow blogs on a presented subject?:

You’ll roll in the hay manually using the blog’s search engines, but this is often a really time-consuming blindfolded job, not always giving the expected result.

I personally use Fast blog finder software. There do both Free version and Gold version. The free version allows you to look up to 50 blogs, of which there are usually only 5-10% are do-follow. Not many, I agree. However, it’s good to start out from the Free version to ascertain if you wish it then you’ll always upgrade to the Gold version. At the time of writing, it’s $49 and well well worth the money!

Nofollow blogs:


Although links from no-follow blogs haven’t any value in terms of passing link juice or PR to your site, they will still be of great value to you. in fact, most of the thing I will be able to discuss here also are applicable to follow blogs. Within the preceding subsection, I just singled out the features that are solely pertinent to follow blogging, whereas here all additional benefits of blog commenting are considered.

Traffic generation

Commenting on blogs by high traffic can make good traffic to your blog site provided, of course, your comments are valuable and interesting. regardless of whether your comments are constructive (i.e. continuing importance to the post) or destructive (i.e. criticising statements and opinions within the post), they will be equally effective in bringing visitors to your site. Of course, you ought to stick with the widely accepted blogging etiquette and avoid common blogging DON’Ts.

Branding your name

This has already been mentioned within the introduction, I just want to re-emphasize it here once more, as there is one among the best benefits blog commenting can cause.
Be careful though, make only those statements of which you’re 100% sure or if that’s an opinion, don’t present it because of the ultimate truth. Be considerate and polite, don’t insult either the blog owner or his visitors.

Building relationships

Repeat, this aspect was discussed previously but should be reiterated here. By providing quality comments on a daily basis you’ll be-friend interesting (but not necessarily popular, as those are often too busy) bloggers in your field.

This is often extremely important, not only because you’ll find like-minded people and enjoy drawing inspiration for your own articles while reading their blogs, but also because the opposite blog owners may assist you to market your blog either intentionally (by commenting at your blog themselves, writing about your blog and/or your most interesting posts) or indirectly (by opening you a “green corridor” and accepting most of your comments and thus regularly sending you traffic).
Benefits for blog owners
As I said previously, blog commenting is interdependent and blog owners may reap from it as many fruits because of the commenters.

Free content

No matter some “SEO gurus” saying that blog comments are greatly devalued by Google, they’re still content. And what’s more – it’s FREE! it might surely be a shame to skip on such an exquisite opportunity, wouldn’t it???

Keeping the conversation lively. Blog comments assist you, as a blog owner, to urge readers to concentrate on specific posts and keep the conversation lively. During this way, they assist to feature life to your blog and make it (more) popular.

Indicator of recognition

Abundant comments indicate that a specific post resonates strongly with the blog readers. Thus giving the blog owner a clue on what topics arouse most interest and help the blogger to get content that’s attractive to readers. It too describes the blog owner that his readers enjoy reading the blog. And use their time to share their ideas and feelings. beat all, it’s a superb indicator of the blog’s popularity.

Builds Your Blog readership

Remember that question above – why would you would like to form your blog do-follow? Well, here is that the answer – If you permit the do-follow feature for comments, it’s going to notably enhance your blog popularity, as visitors will come to go away a link to their sites and a few of them may become your permanent visitors. As other popular bloggers say, installing do-follow helped them to form their blog a very friendly place.

Benefits of Dofollow

There also are so-called Dofollow Search Engines and Dofollow Networks that help the do-follow blog owners to boost their popularity. Ultimately, both the commenters and blog owners help one another in promoting their blogs! Dofollow attribute amazingly improved participation and engagement of their readers.

The blog you’re reading is additionally a DOFOLLOW BLOG. you’re welcome to go away a comment to the present or the other posts on this blog, and if your comments add value to the post and/or expands on the subject, I will be able to certainly approve it!

In the next article, I will be able to consider Blog Commenting Techniques. this may discuss where, when and the way to try to to the commenting to form sure it’s always (or nearly always) approved and brings you the foremost benefits. be careful about that!

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