Best WordPress Security Tips | 10 Best Tips to Secure Your Website

Best WordPress Security Tips | 10 Best Tips to Secure Your Website
Best WordPress Security Tips | 10 Best Tips to Secure Your Website

11 Best WordPress Security Tips

Are you working Using WordPress CMS for your Blog or Website? So you Need to Best WordPress Security Tips,
If Yes, It is a very good choice because it is easier than others CMS and has a lot of features. My Blog, which you read at this time, It is also built with WordPress.

Let’s see the ways, how you can secure your website or Blog.

WordPress Security Tips

Best WordPress Security Tips No-1: Make Your Password Strong

The password comes at the first place when someone wants to login into your admin panel. They create a list of some guessed password according to your name, email address, date of birth and anything related to you.
So when you build your website doing WordPress, make sure you have built a powerful enough password that no one can pick easily.
Use capital letters, small letters, numbers and special characters to create your Password. And best, use at least 14+ characters in the password so it can be difficult to guess your password.

Implementing the login attempts at your admin login page can help you to prevent unauthorized manual login attempts. You can set a number of login attempts for your admin login page. So, if anyone reaches the maximum number of the specified limit, it will block that user for further login attempts. It will be very helpful to prevent manual unauthorized login attempts.
You can set this effort by installing WPS Limit Login plugin on your WordPress. It has plenty of features and it is updated routinely, so, you don’t have to worry about anything after installing it.

Best WordPress Security Tips No-2: Use 2-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication involves an extra layer of logging in process. Two-factor authentication adds an extra login process as verification with email generated code, app-generated code or SMS based OTP.
The 2FA is available in the WordPress but if you want to use this feature, you have to enable the login in the Jetpack.
You can also enable this service by installing the plugin Google Authenticator by mini orange. It has plenty of features and is free permanently for one user. If you need to do it for more than one user, you can update it.

Best WordPress Security Tips No-3: Change Your wp-admin URL

WordPress begins with a default admin login page for all whoever install the WordPress as
That means, whoever needs to open your admin login page can just open by adding /wp-admin to your website.
And If they are successful in guessing your username and password, they can enter your admin area.
Thus, Do you want that someone can simply access your admin login page?
If Not, then edit your WordPress admin page URL immediately.
The developing process is so easy, you don’t have to do anything alike coding. Simply Install WPS hide login and change your /wp-admin URL.

Best WordPress Security Tips NO-4: Change the username “admin”

The WordPress also comes with a default username “admin”. If you do not change your username while installing WordPress, it will be default as “admin”.
And whenever you want to login to your admin page, you have to give your username as admin.
So, why doing one step easier for unauthorized loggers. Now they only have to imagine your password.
But here is one point, you can’t replace it after installing the WordPress. So, change it while installing WordPress.

Best WordPress Security Tips No-5: Try WordPress Security Plugins

There are many WordPress security plugins you can apply one of them on your WordPress website.
Most common and popular security plugins provide you with a lot of features as follows:

When having these features to your WordPress website, 99% chances are reduced to being attacked. The most popular plugins are as follows:

Best WordPress Security Tips No-6: Don’t Skip any WordPress Updates

Don’t skip any WordPress core and plugin updates. They provide updates regularly and cause of giving so many updates is whenever a new feature is available or they find a bug in it.

In WordPress, many plugins and themes don’t get updated regularly. So, use only those plugins who have listed on the official WordPress website and get updates regularly.
And if you are trying to download any plugin from outside, you are trying to offer a threat to your website.
This is the most popular way hackers use to hack your website through plugins, which have not been updated to the newest version. So always update your WordPress core, themes, and plugins.

Best WordPress Security Tips No-7: Use a Secure Web host

Doing a secure web host expects using an SSL certificate for your website. An SSL certified website begins with https.

If your web doesn’t possess an SSL certificate and you operate a website like where people share sensible information. It will be more satisfying if you use a strong web host because, without https, your data can be lifted.
An SSL certified website makes an encrypted path linking the web browser and web server. So that your data could be stored.

Best WordPress Security Tips No-8: Disallow File Editing

If you have multi-Admin Blog or website, then make sure you have disabled the data or file editing. When you disallow data or file editing, there will be no more available editor option in the Appearance menu.
So, No one authorised to edit or customize your website files after enabling this feature. This will be really effective WordPress security if you have a multi-admin website.
It will be also very important, if hackers are capable to enter into your WordPress admin site, they can’t edit your WordPress files.
You can disallow by just figuring this code of line into your wp-config.php file at the end.
[ define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true); ]

Best WordPress Security Tips No-9: Change the Password Regularly

Changing Password always also help to secure your website from illegal users. It’s Logout all session from wherever if you left your site logged In at any PC. You can use it as another great WordPress security tips.

Best WordPress Security Tips No-10: Regular make Backups

If you regarding or following all the preceding WordPress security tips then it has very fewer opportunities that your site get hacked. But keep one per cent luck from all above the WordPress security tips, does not matter how much your website is secure if your website gets hacked, then you will lose everything.
And, you have to begin repeatedly with everything from scratch. So, If you don’t desire to lose everything, make backups on the daily base. If you have your website backed up, you can return your complete site in some click to running state again.

There are some excellent plugins that help you to get your backups seamlessly without any trouble.

Final Thoughts on Best WordPress Security Tips

Securing WordPress site is an important point for everyone. If you have unseen these best WordPress Security Tips then you get a lot more accessible for hackers. Every tip associated with WordPress security discussed above in this article makes you go one step onward of hackers.

So regard these suggestions to secure your WordPress website by Best WordPress Security Tips, I know for beginners it’s a lot to work with. But following these tips make harder for hackers to break your site.

If you have any question regarding securing your WordPress website, comment below, we will try to give all answers. Thanks!

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