How To Become A Professional Blogger? 100% Challenging Tips

How To Become A Professional Blogger? 100% Challenging Tips
How To Become A Professional Blogger? 100% Challenging Tips

Become A Professional Blogger:

How To Become A Professional Blogger? A few years before when I started blogging it was just for fun, and never thought that ill take blogging seriously. Almost two years finish from the time I wrote my first post on blogger, and since then I used to do Guest Posting. Writing articles for others as well as writing content for my site.

It took me almost two years after my first blog to understand exactly What is blogging? And I tell you to Become a Professional Blogger it’s not an easy job. You need to have a hunger for learning, sustainability, consistency, self-discipline, integrity, dedication and courtesy. If you have this quality or if you can develop this quality in you then for sure no one can stop you from Become a Professional Blogger.

Here is your fast track highway on How to Become a Professional Blogger:


• Never underestimate yourself of what you are doing

The Biggest mistake I see new bloggers make is they always underestimate their work, like their work is of no use. This is your blog and your future business so take pride in it. Let the people know and promote it no matter how is your content. Always think like a Now I am Become a Professional Blogger from day one.

• Engage in professional blogging.

Google has changed its algorithm, as well as the readers. A 400-word content cannot be the finishing article, and if the content is incomplete it shows inexperienced and you lose your reputation as a professional blogger. To Become a Professional Blogger keep your article between 600 to 1200 words and try to finish it what you had promised in the Title.

• Don’t forget to create an Author page.

The easiest part still a lot of bloggers found it the most difficult part, Author page is about you. So who knows better than you. but remember to keep you’re about page Professional, don’t go with your family background as no one is interested in your biography they are interested in your site and the content. Write about your experience and expertise, and to fill the page yes you can add your hobbies which reflect To Become a Professional Blogger in you.

• Make a list about what you know and you don’t about blogging.

By getting a complete list of your strength and weaknesses, it’s easy to concentrate on weak points, and making use of the strength and knowledge to keep the blog running and the same time to get more expertise on your weakness.

• Get Connected with well known Professional Bloggers.

Become a Professional Blogger Start making a communication with a professional blogger of the same niche as yours. Getting connected with authority blogger will boost your confidence level which will help you in getting recognized as authoritative bloggers. Find out their online-contacts and try to establish contact with them.

• Become an expert in your field

The key to success and confidence in blogging is that you know what you’re talking about, and whatever you write is always up to date without any error. Then it’s obvious that people will not doubt your professionalism.

• Most Blog never gets a chance to celebrate their first anniversary

In my two years of blogging experience, I interact with a lot of new bloggers who enter with a lot of expectation in their mind, but most fail even to celebrate their first anniversary, the reason behind is they drop their blog due to traffic, content idea. Become a Professional Blogger You need patience and hard work for success as a blogger.

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Professional Bloggers never miss the hot trend, Become a Professional Blogger be ready with solutions and options. Publish some video tutorials, and if required to hire professionals. Because you can’t be perfect in all fields, and blogging is a combination of Domain management, hosting, designing, coding.

My Questions to become a Professional Blogger.

1.Do you love to write?

Blogging is a niche where you need to write a lot and often daily. If you don’t like to write than I think this profession is not for you.

2. What do you want to achieve through Blogging? ( Fame or Money )

Do you have something interesting that you want to tell others? Start a blog just like that – it’s just a waste of time and money.

3. You are sociable?

Do you like to be social, chatting with others, if the answer is no I suggest blogging is not for you? As a blogger, you need constantly reply to comments and email from your readers as well will have to take part in the discussion and commenting on other’s people blog to become a well known professional blogger. In another way, you will have to layout your readers thought, and feeling in your blog.

4. Are you Better in Talking or Typing?

Think about this question, you are more comfortable in talking or typing?. Maybe you should think about Podcasting where you will communicate through voice with your readers. As well if you are better while talking then I suggest using some Voice to text converting software, which will save your time.

5. Are you ready to take the initiative?

Just move in a flow – is only for losers, maybe I offended someones thinking. But it’s true, Anyone who does not strive for success, will never achieve it.

6. Are you disciplined?

Are you ready to write 15-25 posts a month for many months? Imagine if you are ready to write 100,000 characters each month? Will you be able to get yourself to work on the “fold feet” Chair, all the time?

7. Are you ready to take criticism?

If your blog has traffic, sooner or later you will begin to pour into criticism. It can be of two type of objective or from the heart of a loser who wants to pull you down, Trying to humiliate you. My advice if the criticism is justified and true, take it into account and rectify yourself. Do not start a debate on that. your blog is for readers so you must consider any suggestion from your readers.

And if the criticism in your comment is like ” Garbage Article”, just ignore it and you have very good options click on spam.

8. You are too serious Striker.

A blog is a place where you need to exercise a lot of sense of humour. So Large articles will be easy to read, if you add some jokes, funny stuff or your personal experience. Did you know that among the most successful bloggers, almost all can laugh at themselves publicly? Smile.

9. Do you control your “ego”?

It’s your blog and you are the owner, and can do anything you want but don’t act like a god. remember you are also a human, always respect your readers and respond to them without being rude, the more friendly you are more readers will attract to the blog, remember to give and take business.

10. Do you like reading?

Pro blogger Darren Rose, famous quote “read other people’s post before you start writing your own”. You must have the art of writing, but by reading other people blog, is a way to obtain information which you can use effectively on your blog to make the post better than other authors. You have to read a lot by sitting in front of your computer, So are you ready for this?

11. Are you creative?

No one like to read the same type of information 10 times, So don’t make your site and content boring. And at least give one free giveaway create any software or eBooks, in the form of this you also get the subscribers for your newsletter. What later on you can use for email marketing.

12. You persist?

Become a Professional Blogger, Perseverance is important in any business, and it concerns your blog. As Darren says, sustainability – one of the most important factors, as a blog – it is working for many years.

13. Do you have a will to win?

Did you know that most bloggers give up within two months? Why? Because the first 2 months are the hardest time! when you write posts, but you don’t see any visitors, no comments, and subscribers, this is the time to keep your morale up, and only concentrate on writing and SEO, any blog takes 5 months of hard work to get the results.

14.Do you have any ideas?

History knows many cases where an idea had changed the life of many bloggers, becoming from a nobody to an authority. Do you have any ideas or you’re going to do everything just like thousands of other bloggers? Always come up with new ideas.

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Finally: This is the points what I had figured out on “How To Become a Professional Blogger” in my two years of blogging experience, and going to apply it. However, if you have more points to consider, my comment section is open and ill love to receive some suggestions.

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