48 Helpful Basic Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

48 Helpful Basic Blogging Tips for New Bloggers
48 Helpful Basic Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

List of 48 Basic Blogging Tips

Here is my rapid-fire list of 48 Basic Blogging Tips, which will for sure going to help you out and instead of writing as a post I thought to complete it in a list format. In a simple words writing in a list is always better as well the readers understand well.


1) Keep it simple. You want your navigation to be in the same place, the less you make your visitor work on your blog the better.

2) Take it slow, in the beginning, months remember that you’re just going to learn the fundamentals before you blog gets more popular.

3) You are going to share your blog on social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

4) Blog about something you are passionate about, You don’t want the fire to die 1 week into starting your blog.

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what does a professional blogger do (Basic Blogging Tips)
5) Be active in the biosphere, whether it be blog comments, establishing relationships or just participating on your niche related stuff.

6) Make sure you frequently update your blog with a new post.

7) Backup your Blog Regularly.

8) Comments must be enabled on your blog as well follow each comment.

9) Don’t Spam others blog. You don’t want to be labelled as a spammer.

10) Pick a theme for your blog that is easy to use and easy to work with.

11) Choose a reliable WebHost and who supports WordPress.

12) Put your social profiles on your blog This Is Best Basic Blogging Tips for you.

13) Install an anti-spam plugin to minimize spammer. Trust me you will get spammed (as sad as it sounds)

14) Have an RSS feed so people can subscribe to your feed ( I recommend Feedburner).

15) Keep an Eye on OBL links going from your site. For instance, you can install a plugin that checks for broken links ( called broken link checker).

16) consider closing comments to your blog after 14, 21, 30 days.

17) Take advantage of tools that allow you to automate the task, so you can focus on your blog.

18) Never Insult someone on your blog.

19) Make sure you choose a domain that fits what your blog is about and somethings you want to stick with.

20) Remember to provide some interaction with your blog, whether it is polls, quizzes, contest, etc.

21) Make sure your post is original and not some rehashed content.

22) Schedule post ahead of time.

23) Allow people to guest post on your blog as long as they add value to your blog.

24) use myblogguest.com to find places where you can guest post to gain exposure to your blog.

25) Use a premium blog theme with support, in case something goes haywire. You will have support and they tend to look a lot better.

26) Don’t write on your blog when you are angry or upset. This applies while replying to comments too.

27) Participate on forums that are related to your blog.

28) Use YouTube to make videos for your blog.

29) Make sure you use images on your blog and give your visitors information in small chunks.

30) Make sure you have free giveaways on your blog.

31) Join blogging networks.

32) Interlink your post together.

33) Try to be creative rather than doing the same thing that has been done a million times.

34) Use surveymonkey.com to ask for feedback.

35) Use an email option such as Aweber/Mailchimp.

36) Blog about stuff that is in the news (in your niche). Use Google trends for this.

37) Always keep on checking how fast your blog loads.

38) Check to see how your blog looks like in different browsers, use browsershots.org

39) Install Comment Luv Premium

40) Don’t overload your blog with advertisements (especially in the beginning).

41) Listen to your readers they give you good ideas.

42) Highlight your best post.

43) Install a rating system.

44) Have an About and Contact Page

45) Don’t participate in reciprocal link exchanges.

46) Join blogengage.com

47) look at yahoo Answers for good ideas on what to post about

48) Start doing guest post.

Basic Blogging Tips

Hope you like at least some of the above mention Basic Blogging tips, making use of it will for sure going to help you out in blogging. Hope You Love this Basic Blogging Tips, Please Comment And Share.

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