SEO Scammers | 5 Worthless Offer Should be Avoid

SEO Scammers | 5 Worthless Offer Should be Avoid
SEO Scammers | 5 Worthless Offer Should be Avoid

Who SEO Scammers:

Is a person who commits fraud or participates in a dishonest SEO scheme provide for your website.

Don’t be a victim. No matter how tempting it may sound when the false promises are laid out on the table by SEO scammers, the truth remains the same—SEO con artists are par for the course out there. And they’re downright excellent at getting website owners to fall for their baseless, yet hope-inspiring deceptions.

About SEO Scammers:

Seo is getting more complicated. As a website owner, it is difficult to balance all aspects of your Internet presence and often, SEO can be a major time sink and source of constant concern. You’re struck by the question,

  1. Which updates will have the biggest SEO impact on my site?
  2. What Google algorithm update should I have to worry about?

When someone comes in and says, ‘Hey, I can keep all this for you,’ just saying yes and pushing other items off your meal.

Unluckily, your website is not the best interest in the heart of those who are serving SEO. SEO scammers know that most site owners have basic knowledge of SEO, and they want to take advantage of it. Here are some tips to avoid SEO scammers.

The first thing you can do to protect yourself from SEO scammers—and to separate the good guys from the bad is to understand the tactics that the scammers like to use.

Here are 5 things you’ll learn from SEO scammers (all false, of course):


One – We’ll Get You The Number One Positioned Listing On Google.

Sounds great. If only it was actually this easy! Without going into every last detail of why legit SEO providers simply never promise specific number one Google rankings, it’s important to know that number one is in most cases unrealistic (and impossible to guarantee).

Two – Your Existing Site Is Terrible When It Comes To SEO.

All the SEO scammers like to promote this notion—and of course, they’ll be happy to help you “fix” the problem too. Thing is, I’ve seen this used by SEO scammers when sites actually are ranking on the first page of the search engine results for all of their competitive keyword terms (in other words, when they’re pretty much SEO-perfect). Legit SEO providers will help you understand what your site is currently getting right and what leaves room for improvement.

Three – We Can Double Your Traffic Overnight.

The statement might be true enough but when they say they’re going to double your traffic overnight, they’re certainly not going to be using long-lasting organic SEO strategies. In the best-case scenario, they’ll be using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to boost your traffic overnight and this boost ends when the money runs out. More likely though, they’ll just be paying someone in a third-world location pennies to spend all day clicking on your site. Real organic SEO is more than capable of doubling your traffic or much better, but it takes longer than 24 hours for sure.

Four – By Buying Incoming Links, We’ll Improve Your Rank.

Buying Incoming links is frowned upon by all of the search engines. While it’s true that building a base of quality, relevant incoming links to your site are immensely helpful as a part of good SEO, it’s an even better idea to develop/earn these incoming links in a more legit way than buying or renting them. The search engines are very smart—they’ll eventually figure out this catchy strategy if you use it and most likely penalize your site because of it.

Five – SEO Is Just A Matter Of Tweaking Some Settings On Your Website.

Nope, not that easy. On-page optimization is an important component of quality SEO—but in the big picture, it’s a very minor component. Plus, it’s often something that any professional web designer/developer should have already taken care of for you when your site was built. Other areas like content development, social media marketing, and other “off-site” SEO techniques are usually where most sites need to invest their time and money.


Don’t fall for these false hopes and promises offered by SEO scammers. If you’re going to optimize, spend some time with a real professional who is willing to truly help you and provide real answers to all of your questions

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