Best Tips to Attract More Visitor

3 Best Tips to Attract More Visitor to Your Blog

Best Tips to Attract More Visitor

Doing blogging from a year or more and unable to attract more visitor to your blog? As a blogger, you may be looking forward to attract more visitor to your blog. But you may not be able to do it still now. I have been doing blogging from a year and more but now I realize that blogging is all about attracting visitors to your blog. And making them regular readers of your blog.

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Here are a few tips to attract more visitor to your blog so that they will become your blog’s regular readers:


1. Fast Loading of your Blog’s main page

None of your blog’s visitors will like to wait until the blog page loads. You should try to use a theme which makes your blog load faster. You should use very less widgets on the main page so that the loading doesn’t gets very slow. I have seen even regular readers of some blogs deciding to stop visiting the blog again just because of slow loading.

Use a good free or paid theme which makes your blog load faster. You can check out which themes are been used at other blogs so that you can have very fast loading of your blog’s home page. It’s one of the major factor of Attract More visitor.

2. Have a Cool Logo for your Blog

You may be already having a logo for your blog but that logo may not be cool enough to Attract More visitor to come regularly. Most of the bloggers these days are deciding to hire a logo designer as they feel that having a unique logo is better than having the same type of free logo.

Some logo designers offer logo designing service at a very affordable price. You can get a paid logo made for your blog according to your requirement. So that your blog visitors will never feel that your blog is not having a good logo.

3. Make a good looking Fan page

These days most of the bloggers have a page for their blog at Facebook or Google Plus. You shouldn’t only make a page for your blog but also make it sure that the page looks attractive.

Make a good cover photo for your blog’s fan page. You should regularly update your blog’s fan page so that it will not become a boring page. Interact with your blog’s visitors through this fan page and that’s why you should regularly give attention to the page created by you for your blog.

I have seen that some bloggers have many followers on their blog’s fan page. Having a big fan following can help to attract more visitor to any blog.

I hope that these tips will help you in attracting the more visitor to your blog. If you will keep following these tips then you will see that your blog visitors will keep on increasing. Your regular blog readers will also bring their friends to your blog just because they may be attracted to your blog.

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