Try A 30 Day Website Challenge

Try A 30 Day Website Challenge
Try A 30 Day Website Challenge

Try A 30 Day Website Challenge

Has your New Year’s resolution become a memory of the distant past? Don’t worry—by this time of year, most have. Don’t give up hope quite yet though. There are a lot of things to look forward to this year, and you can start fresh at any point you choose.

How about trying a 30-day website challenge?

What exactly is this? Well, it can be custom-tailored to suit your own particular needs or goals, but in essence, the idea is to plan a blueprint for how you want to improve and grow your organization’s website and carry the plans out over the next 30 days.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. And it’s amazing how much you can actually get done in 30 days, just one task per day at a time—especially in light of the fact that many of us have been trying to get around to completing this stuff for years on end.


Example 30 day website challenge: Publish one new content article to the site per day.

This is a good one. Writing and publishing new content for your website is the lifeblood of what makes visitors satisfied and keeps the traffic rolling in. Seriously, fresh and relevant content is one of the top SEO techniques available. One article a day for 30 days and you’ll end up with more great quality content on your website in a month than most websites out there will ever have in their lifetime.

Here’s another example 30 day website challenge: Earn one quality incoming link per day.

Again, backlinks pointing to your website are essential to climbing the ranks of search engine listings. It’s not a good idea to build dozens of new links all at once, but doing a steady process of trying to create one per day can be beneficial, having both short-term and long-term lasting results. Quality over quantity is important—focus on getting real links from authority sites in Your Niche (and it is a challenge), rather than just reciprocal links and blog comment links. One way to do this is to write guest articles for other sites in return for a link within the article.

30-day website challenge idea : Build a credible social media campaign.

Social media—especially Facebook and Twitter—can amount to a remarkable source of traffic to your website. And just recently, Google confirmed that they are using links within social media that point to your site as points towards your site’s overall trust-factor. Social media can help. The thing is to keep it natural; in other words, you can’t go out and just try to get 5,000 followers in a couple of days. But over the span of 30 days, you can easily interact with hundreds of real people via social media, starting your platform with the social networks, putting it to work for your website, and getting the snowball of followers rolling along nicely.

You can probably think of a dozen other good 30-day website challenge ideas that would help your site in their own unique way. The key is to jump right in and get it done. One small task per day for 30 consecutive days at a time gets a lot more done than you might imagine. Make this year the best year ever for your website.

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